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cysts on nose been there for atleast 6months. please reply.

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DAmn they are bugging the hell out of me. i cant take it. I am very happy though to say what Tazorac cream has done for my face. my cheeks are almost all clear. id say 85 percent. but i have had these cysts on my nose for at least 6 months. ive tried the regimen on it, benzoyl peroxide, queen helinaas mint mask, and the tazorac cream on it many times but they do not budge. I also got a corrine or whatever syrine injection about twice on them and still not much luck . i am going to try again next tim e i go to the derm unless i get real pissed and just decide to go on accutane]

so does any one suggest a way to get rid of these cysts? they are like 3 on my front of nose and u can see it if u look close. they are under the skin and some what bulge out but not alot. and i have like 5 on the side and they bug the hell out of me. when the sun shines on it you can notice alot.

Whats advice? should i just take accutane to let it get all the gunk out ? or is their an easier way so i dont have to go through an initial breakout and get more acne on my facE?

Please someone reply beacuse before no one did to my previous posts

BTW thisis my 2nd time posting this

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I had these cysts on my right cheek primarily, came on when I tried the b.p. or Dan's regimen last spring. They would not, and I mean not, go away. Never on my nose, forehead, or chin, however. They were there, about 2-3, for months. Then I finally went to naturopath in late Oct. 02 and she gave me a homeopathic medicine, one time, but she said it may "aggravate" my skin at first. Boy, did it! The right side of my face got cystic acne like it never did before and then in 2 awful weeks, they started drying up and have stayed dried (just the red marks) since late November 02. The left side of my face, the cheek area, also broke out at same time, little behind right, and it dried up in early December 02, but I still have these red marks. I am also taking Vite A, lots of water, zinc with copper, you can go to My Regimen Results under Newcastlegirl and see my agony and now ecstasy with cystic acne.

This is what I discovered, may be wrong - you have to have a bad bad breakout of the cystic acne like I did, but then if you are following a good healthy regimen and treating those cysts with kid gloves and being gentle, then they stay GONE! No amount of squeezing will help, it makes them worse. Just try a healthy regimen and have them all come out, then it will probably go away.

Hope that helps a little,


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