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suggestions for Accutane

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Hello everyone,

I'm going to be going on Accutane in a few weeks and i wanted to get some information from previous or current people who have/are on Accutane.

As for keeping your body moisturized, what is the best over the couter body moisterizer? I was told by the derm's assitant that Eucerin is good cause its thick and cheap, any suggestions?

Any suggestions for a face moisterizer that works well and is not that expensive? i was told cytaphyll (wrong spelling) with SPF15 is good for a face lotion along with the Nuetrogena ultra sheer SPF55 is good, please help!!!!!

Does anyone have any suggestions about dry eyes...i wear contacts so will the accutane affect it horribly?

Last question.....

I've heard that aquaphor is a great lip moisturizer....does anyone know where to purchase it...i live in southern california.

Thanks for all the help

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Hi, I have know idea about Eucerin, but Cetephil has a good body moisturizer. The Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer is awesome stuff but I haven't used it while on Accutane. I'm starting a second round in a couple of weeks so I could tell you then but the Cetephil Sunscreen SPF 15 is good. I would go with a Higher SPF though since it's still summer. Aquaphor is great for your lips, if you have a Walmart or Target they should have it although it might not come in as small of a tube as most lip moisturizers but it's good stuff. I live in Kansas so we have those two places everywhere. As for your eyes I would use Visine if they have one for people with contacts. Hope this helps, good luck while you are on Accutane.

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Those are all terrific suggestions. You'll also want to use Cetaphil Sensitive Skin cleanser, or some other type of gentle or sensitive skin cleanser.

Aquaphor works on the whole face if you end up with very very dry skin. It's delightful to massage into the skin at night and then go to sleep...you wake up with moisturized, happy skin.

If you're female, you also might like Burts Bees Lip Shimmers. They are moisturizing and a lovely color.

I couldn't wear my contacts as my eyes got too dry on Accutane. Any rewetting drops should be good, just make sure they are contact-lens safe and non-medicated.

At night when you remove your contacts, Lacrilube is an exceptional eye lubricant. I highly recommend it; you must not be wearing your contacts when you put it in though.

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Good luck, hope it works well for you :)

Yes! Thank you all for the suggestions....anything helps!!!!

I'm so ready to have clear skin!

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