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Seriously, just look them full in the face/eyes. Most times when people stare at me, I find that if I make eye contact, (and don't smile) they are embarrassed and leave me alone.

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Stare back and raise your eyebrows! That's what I always do if people are being rude. They usually get flustered and look away, it's a dominance thing.

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When someone stares at me I just make eye contact and usually they look away. However, if I'm driving, I'll usually make a really goofy face at them.

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man, people don't just stare at me, they freaking gawk.

it's ridiculous.

i just try to ignore it, and think of kicking them in the face. :)

send them bad vibes.

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Stare back, raise eyebrows and look bemused. Sort of cool, calm and slightly amused...like Morticia Addams from the movies. She is like my idol.

This works for me though. Everyone looks away, a little pissed off to boot. Basically, you're showing them that you won't be intimidated or shamed and that you find them a little amusing, thus deflating any power they might have. :surprised:

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I have acne, and I stare at people. I want to see how bad it is in order to make myself feel better, or worse. I think about what treatment they are doing and how to imrpove it.

Is this bad of me?

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