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Fruit fast and apple cider vingear

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I have tried so many things to treat acne from the outside, and have won some grudging headway in the battle. Yet topical drugs can only bring temporary relief, for the oil keeps seeping from my every pore, my dead skin cells continue shedding poorly, and P. acnes contnue flocking to the scene.

My skin, right now, looks the best that it has in three years. My cheeks, with a bit of make-up (though I'm a guy, I wear it, looking forward to the day when my skin permits me to stop), look very good. For the past while I've only had one or two active zits at a time.

Yet I probably squeeze too much. My skin has the terrible habit of developing crusty coverings over some zits, and though I'll usually wait until those are peeling off on their own, sometimes I'll pick. I did so last night, and am left with a mes on my forehead. I've slathered on Neosporin, covered it in a bit of toilet paper, and am using my hair to hide it.

I'm sick of the constant battle. I am sick of treating acne; I want to cure it. So I have been fasting for the past ... 16 hours, since 7pm (Central Time) last evening. I'm getting a bit hungry, but will use only fruit and fruit juices to satiate myself. I will continue this for anothjer 30 or 35 hours, by which point my skin will hopefully have demonstrated clearing. When I'm sick and eat very little, my skin alwalys clears right up, but once I'm healthy it is quickly polluted again. I think fod is a major cause of my acne.

I will proceed to add one type of food back to my diet at a time. I'll start with eggs, mainly because I'm already hungry for them -- and because they're a nonallergenic food, right?

I'm also going to start drinking 4 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar a day. School starts in a week! Alredy my skin has only about a third as many blemishes as it did at the end of last year. Yet I want it to be clear!

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