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low fat diet

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Has anyone tried going on a really low fat diet, low in saturated or all fats? Since sebum is made of fats if we significantly limit fat intake, won't this theoretically significantly limit sebum production?

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if you go low fat where will you get your calories from ? high carbs ? doesn't seem to work well for most people, high protein ? not the ideal choice for the bulk of your calories

low fat also means low testosterone which is a big no for me

i use to think that greasy/fatty foods were the culprit for my inflammatory oily acne skin until i cut out simple carbs and switch to a higher protein/fat diet with a low GI and the oil disappeared within a few months

fats are not the enemy, simple carbs are

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well you can get it from good complex carbs with low gi

oats, brown rice, stuff like that

and protein is ez to get

i think the reason ppl see results when they limit simple carbs, and sugars is because sugar breakdown gets in the way of fat metabolism, and then instead of people using more fat it gets excreted through the skin as sebum

now if we limit both simple carbs and fats, maybe we can get even better results, no?

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I personally think a low fat diet is very bad for most people.

People dont realize, our bodies need fats. We need to understand fats better.

What you should do is cut out all TRANS fats, which are not really even a food, and get a decent amount of fats from good sources like fish, flax, walnuts, coconut oil, etc.

My skin breaks out less when I get plenty of coconut oil and flax oil.

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they see results from cutting out simple carbs because they aggrevate their insulin less leading to less IGF-1 and inflammation

and it seems a fair number of people here have issues with digesting large intakes of starch and that is the predominant macronutrient in complex carb foods

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doesn't matter how much igf 1 is floating around your blood stream if your cells lack the excess free fat molecules to get transformed and excreted as sebum

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Low-fat works when you:

Are not very sugar sensitive

Your diet is high in fiber

You intake of veggies is high

Your intake of calories is moderate

Your protein intake is adequate

You're fit and lean

Your physical activity level if moderate/high

You're not sedentary

Have at least 60% of your carbs as low-gl

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THanks Danny, I was thinking of a very similar diet...

Low refined sugar, low in High GI foods,

low or free of gluten

no dairy (Except good quality whey protein)

very low saturated fats, low in other fats

moderate protein

adequate low GI complex carbs

moderate fruit

lots of vegetables

i think by regulating both the causes of insulin imbalances that lead to igf 1 imbalances and androgen production which serve as Triggers for acne AND regulting fat intake as the building blocks of sebum which is part of acne development, a better result can be gained instead of just regulating carbs/dairy intake by themselves

so im gonna try this sort of diet

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Maybe in theory, but in practice it made my skin explode. I need fat for my skin to look nice. A paleo diet clears my skin, but it doesn't glow and get silky and soft without fats and especially saturated fats.

I think the idea of oil in-oil out is simplifying things too much. There's a bit more at play.

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