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Advice needed...what can I do

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Frustrated like many of you, I come here looking for advice to my particular problem.

Basically, I have mild-moderate acne, mostly on the chin/corners of mouth, and cheeks. Now the cheeks seems to just be red scarring and not so much actual acne...still frustrating. My chin usually gets very bad, its come somewhat under control as of late, although everything else has gotten worse.

I've taken Fish Oil, Zinc, Vit. C on a daily basis for past month, I've tried ACV (which I'm willing to give another shot), I tried some clearisil regimen (that I would argue made it worse ever)...

I completely cut Dairy from my diet, no change, completely cut Soft Drinks, no change, I even changed my daily pack of gum chewing to sugarless (good choice regardless) and no change.

Like I previously stated, most acne appears on chin, jawline...lately its been on side burn hairline for some reason, and as of yesterday my forehead got bad which has never really happened (although I believe this may be due to my hair being longer than usual).

It sucks feeling like I'm the only one in college with acne problems, and that I cant get it under control. If anything, my face has been much more oily since I started messing with stuff, if I had to guess I'd say the fish oil is making my face more oily, especially my forehead.

Also to note, no one in my immediate family has any problems with acne...

After changing my diet, and from the vitamins I take, I can only arrive at one conclusion to my acne...and thats alcohol. Seems like heavy or even moderate drinking attributes to my breakouts...not sure if cutting it all together will eliminate it, but I would strongly argue that it would help. Unfortunitly, in college, I spend thurs-sat drinking with at least two of those heavy.

So does anyone have any advice to what I can do being a 20 year old college student, to perhaps balance out whatever harm alcohol does to my face? Or any other suggestions to improve these problems? All help greatly appreciated.

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what topicals are u using? holistic changes only help maybe only 40% while topicals and how you go about it make up the rest.

my suggestion is maybe trying benzaclin to get it under control. If cetaphil doesnt work for you then your apart of that small percentile that cant use it.

I have good results with a high protein diet btw. So you might want to look into that.

As for the drinks, if you want clear skin... its not hard to put together the obvious.


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