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Video of Cyst Removal NASTY

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Oh my god, after I saw this, I just had to post it. Especially after the 2nd go around when it all squirts outs.

WARNING: NSFW pics on the website. Nothing nude, but there are girls in bikinis.

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I didnt know where to put it.

*MOD EDIT - Link removed as content on site is Not Safe For Work *

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OMG, is that for real??? That can't be a cyst can it??? Oh that is gross and I can't believe he has that much pus in there!! Good thing it was on his neck instead of on his face! That guy should have used a sterile needle and then squeeze it out. I still can't believe it's real.

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Ewww thats gross! That makes me want to throw up. That doesnt look real to me either. People dont have that much blood and puss come out of a cyst. Also cysts are usually popped with fingers. Is that some sort of joke?!

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Hi there! The original video is on YouTube. I removed the link as the content on the site did have some not safe for work bits. We do have to maintain a safe environment here. ;)

I did watch the video. Geez, none of you guys could be nurses. :D It's not that bad. It's a sebaceous cyst. That's a true 'cyst'. Most of the time, removal as demonstrated in the video will allow it to come back. All of the cyst should be removed surgically with the capsule intact so that the cyst has less chance of recurrence.

There are some interesting videos on YouTube showing real surgical extractions of sebaceous cysts; that's how they should be removed.

The original video also explains that the uncle does the 'evacuation' procedure for his nephew. He does a pretty good job of 'clean' technique, but it is most definitely not sterile technique as would be practiced in an outpatient setting. It's outpatient surgery and generally doesn't take too much longer than an hour or so, including set up of supplies. Sebaceous cysts even occur on the scalp.

So guys, that's not an acne cyst. :D It's a sebaceous cyst.

And... moving it to cyst forum.

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