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I notive a lot of people talking about post tane little rash (texture) on their face. I've been off for almost 2 weeks and have the same.

Does this means that your face is just getting used to being off of tane? For those who came off of it- tell me what happened after to your skin please

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its not really a rash its more like little bumps (that only if you stand close you'll see) on the skin in light pink.

OMG i have the same thing, a lot in my tzone area, which ironically, is the only area thats been clear pretty much throughout my course. i just finished accutane a week ago and id say it was like 70% better from when i started 6 months ago, though kinda crappy as far as scars & redmarks r concerned, with a few actives. i actually started yaz birth control right after getting off tane thinking it would only help as i suspect some of my acne may (or may not) be hormonal. so basically ive been freaking out all week bc my skin looks sooo much worse & i didnt know if it was the adjustment to being off tane, or getting on yaz being a mistake..

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I don't know if its normal and would like someone who knows to tell us. Is it just an adjustment??? i was 100% clear when i came off of it...

its like small little pink blemishes... in certain area of my face not everywhere. COme on someone must know.

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