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Looking for a good exfoliating scrub.

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So, I'm on DKR, but I have a problem with these annoying persistent skin colored bumps. I read here that these are clogged pores, so I'm planning on purchasing Alpha Hydrox Lotion to help speed the exfoliating process up.

I've heard good things about St. Ives Apricot Scrub, but it has SA in it which apparently does not go well with BP, the staple of the regimen I'm on.

Any suggestions? And assuming I do buy an exfoliating scrub, how often do I use it and do I exfoliate, then use the cleanser, or simply exfoliate and skip the entire cleansing process.

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The problem with scrubs isn't just that some have SA, it's that the shape of the exfoliating bits (walnut, apricot, and similar substances, especially) can cause rips in your skin that you don't see and really irritate your face. I would stay away from all scrubs at the very least until you're clear, so that if you add one it and it causes breakouts, you'll know why. There are other (and IMO, better) ways to deal with flaking, including AHA and jojoba oil.

Also, don't use the Alpha Hydrox lotion until you've adjusted to the full amount of BP. AHAs sting quite a bit, especially strong ones like that one, and you don't want to be putting AHA on skin that might be a little sensitive because of still getting used to BP. I think waiting until you've been using the full amount of BP for at least a couple of weeks is ideal.

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