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A little history...

I am 28 & have suffered from oily skin & manageable acne since puberty (familiar story eh?). After moving to Ohio in March, I found my face EXPLODING! I used to enjoy going to the spa to get my hair/eyebrows done or mani/pedi; but lately I have been avoiding it because I don't want people that I've just met think that this is how I really look! I guess I need a wake-up call because this is how I look.

I haven't tried any Rx medications because I keep thinking that my acne can't be THAT bad. I figured that I would give this regimen a try as a last resort before going to the dr to get something.

I am finishing up week 1 of the regimen... I am using Cetaphil cleanser, Neutrogena On-the-Spot BP, & Neutrogena Healthy Skin with AHA moisturizer. Now that I see I shouldn't be using the moisturizer with AHA until a couple weeks from now, I just went to get the Neutrogena Oil-free moisturizer.

After week 1, I have red(!) skin and little improvement on the pimples. A new (humongous) pimple has grown to the size of Mt. Rushmore on my chin. In total, I guess I have about 10 pimples on my entire face. Hopefully when I stop using the AHA moisturizer & start using the regular stuff, the redness will subside.

One weird side note: when putting on the moisturizer, I notice that I have a TON of dead skin sloughing off onto my fingertips. Is this normal?? I don't have a lot of "flakiness" that others describe, so maybe this is how it is manifesting on my face?

Any thoughts?

I will post a pic as soon as I find the cord to connect computer w/camera.

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Hi and welcome.

Yes, the flakiness is very normal in the beginning of the Regimen. We usually recommend people start out using a small amount of bp and work your way up to the full generous amount. You may need to reduce it a bit if you are using a lot already.

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