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i had an idea.

i feel really low when i go out and have to face people but have to as i work as a waitress and do so all day.

we may all live in different countries, states, cities,etc. but how about we had one day in the week (called for instance "confidence day" or "beautiful day", could be monday, friday,etc, let's pick a day!) when we had to hold our head up higher than usual and think about all the acne.org members all day and the fact that they are going through something similar and think of them if we are close to crying/ going home etc. to prevent us from doing so!

i am sure we all suffer immensely in our own way and should have that one special day every week when we feel less alone.

comment if you are interested, we could even create banners for it and also at the end of that day every week, we can all give feedback.

i'm Lizzie btw, i'm new, more info about my condition and me on my profile!

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Funny. I had a similar idea, but I wanted to post a thread on Mirror Smashing Day. Basically everyone on the org who agrees would purchase some cheap hand mirror and then on a certain day we'd all take it somewhere and smash it apart to show that we are more our appearances.

Whadya think of that huh? ;D

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