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Vitamin E moisturizer

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I got this product from L'oreal it's a vitamin e moisturizer called future e and for some reason it's flaking off the top layers of my skin.

I have minor scarring that was bad last year but its improved quite dramatically during the past couple of months. My skin's evening out quite a bit and the scars are very faint now. It could be because of the moisturizer but I've had scars twice before as I've mentioned on here and they always fade and even out within 14 months so that might be it as well and it's been eleven months so far.

Anyways I'm curious to know of anyone else that has used vitamin e moisturizer and had the same reaction to it with their skin peeling? Loreal and neutrogena moisturizers have also caused my skin to burn as well as giving me this sunburnt look which disappears with continued usage of the product.

I should also point out that I have extremely oily skin. None of my friends or acquaintances have skin like mine. Probably one of the reason why my skin scars easily and I wind up with shallow scars. I wonder if having oily skin helps your skin heal as well because a lot of my shallow scars that I thought would never disappear are disappearing.

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Can you believe that there are some good things about having oily skin? For one our skin will not get as wrinkled as some peoples will when we get older. My doctor was telling me this. Now, we do have to deal with the fact that having oily skin will make us have acne but at least we won't look like wrinkled old hags too! ha ha. On a more serious note. I have a friend who tried vitamin E and the same thing happened to her. I would like to try it too b/c I have some persistant red marks that I would like to get rid of. I will let you know how it goes.

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Cure for oily skin

Use Olive Oil. There is nothing you can do topically than is better than Olive oil for oily skin a blackheads - the oil basically neutralises your own oil.

Get the Olive oil that says it's extra virgin - yes, the same stuff someone would cook with!!

Rub it into your skin for ten/20 minutes and then wash with your normal cleaser - it will leave your skin extremely smoth and over a week or so really helps to unblock your pores and make your skin feel less oily. Olive oil dissolves blackheads.

You will not break out.

Try it.

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Yeah I heard the same thing about oily skin not getting wrinkled until wayyy later. Thank god for that. I don't break out much actually except for the occasional pimple. What happened was that december 2001 I suddenly broke out all at once. This was something that hadn't happened to me before. I got twenty pimples on one cheek and than twenty on the other the month after when the other cheek had healed. This was really weird and I still don't understand how it happened. They all disappeared within a week each breakout leaving behind a scar also something that hadn't happened before. It was almost as if I had a reaction to something I ate because it was christmas holidays and I remember I had a lot of junk food during that time especially chips and chocolates which I know aggravate my skin. I try washing my face with colder water too as my mom says it helps tighten pores. She has no wrinkles and she's over 50.

I have a lot of cousin who wash their faces like ten times a day and their skin is flawless. Their skin is so tight I can't see any pores or breakouts. But I know my cousins will look old quickly because their moms all got wrinkly by thirty and their skin started to sag. It's probably a good idea to not wash your face more than two or three times a day. I kind of prefer the oiliness as I'm in no hurry to wrinkle any time soon.

Maya-I'll try what you suggested for the blackheads but I already use the biore pore strips on my nose which help a lot. I only get blackheads on my nose and once I use the strips they're gone for about a week. My mom also wants me to try something else and I'll post what it is in a few days as it consists of a lot of home ingredients to put on your face.

Cris-Did you friend who used vitamin E have oily skin as well? I have this theory that perhaps oily skinned peoples skin heals better than most. Because like I said my scars were really dark red and horribly indented before and now they're barely there with the skin smoothing. Most people never get over acne scars and they become deep pits.

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She has oily skin and she breaks out every once in awhile. But she swears by Vit E. Actually one time she was recovering from breast surgery and she used it to I guess speed up the healing process and it did. Some people put a capsule in their moisturizer. My mother has really oily skin and she looks great for her age too. You get wrinkled because the skin is so dry. I also do not get permanent scars like pitted scars. Just the occasional red mark so I guess we are fortunate for that.

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