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What's the verdict on "Tretin X"?

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I busted my ass to go see my local derm again after the Benzaclin (morning) and Ziana (night) creams he prescribed me were too out of my price range even with the coverage of my health care plan. The dosage of Benzaclin that he prescribed was also too high.

In our ultra-brief 10-min meeting he prescribed me "Tretin X" as an alternative to use every other night, and to continue washing with Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar (w/exfoliating sponge as I do) and spot-treating with OTC Benzoyl Peroxide in the morning. He mentioned how Tretin X comes with it's own cleanser/moisturizer or some shit which really throws me into a loop. I can't be using two cleansers at the same time, and if Tretin X is hard stuff and sheds my skin as he says then I don't know how I could continue going about exfoliating my face as dead skin is one of my worst enemies: it's visible on my face when I can't wash it off with my hands, it feels horrible and with my colored, really oily skin it spells disaster.

So, what's the verdict on this "Tretin X"? Should I invest in it? Regardless, I'm gonna go look up another derm after co-paying $60 for two useless visits with a money-grubbing, apathetic punk.

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You'd be better off getting a prescription for generic Retin A, getting a sensitive skin cleanser, and using Dan's moisturizer. The Tretin X has a "gentle, non-stripping cleanser" and a moisturizer along with the topical retinoid. The Tretin X moisturizer has many of the same ingredients that Dan's does.

It's a shame that guy couldn't be reasonable and prescribe you things that are more within your price range. :(

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