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so how many of yall still eat whatever yall want while taking zink, broccoli pills, or the fish oil or all 3?

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I think the issue with acne is that nobody knows enough about its relationship to diet. As a result, taking a holistic/natural approach to fighting it involves not only additions of vitamins and supplements, but the cutting out of many different foods.

While in the future experience and research might show us exactly which foods we need to cut out, for now the best solution to fighting acne with a diet approach is to not only consider what you are not getting enough of, but what you need to cut out as well.

Unfortunately, unlike many acne products that are by perscription, the natural/diet method is not as effective and takes longer to work, and as a result it's rarely a simple matter of taking a few pills.

In short: you can still eat whatever you want to eat while taking those supplements and see what happens, but if your acne does not improve as much as you want, you might want to consider cutting out some foods.

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taking a few supplements like that won't change your physiology enough to do anything to your acne, what you have to do is start eating like a normal healthy person, not a normal unhealthy person first of all. Then after that you will have to eat like someone who has acne and is trying to get clear skin, so there are certain foods to avoid. diary, gluten, wheat, grains, high starch foods, and sugars, fruit juices, eat low carbs like 20-40 a day, etc

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