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Adding Finacea to the DK regimen. NEED HELP[PICS]

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Hey guys, I have used the regimen since I was 14. I had flawless, I mean FLAWLESS skin. A pimple (small whitehead) twice a month.

However, that has all gone away. I now have 4 active pimples and a few small red marks.

My problem is I have a bunch(15 or so) small plug looking pimples(not inflamed or red, just plugged look lining both cheeks, and they have been there for atleast two months.

They are invisible to the eye when I am not stretching my cheeks(like if you bite the side of your bottom lip), but you can clearly see them when I do stretch them.

The problem is that if I do ANYTHING to irritate them, they turn into full blown pimples. I need some way to purge them, and am looking into finacea, which should unclog the pores...

However, I have been a faithful DKR'er and I don't wanna stop using Dan's bp gel.

How would I go about using finacea and the regimen?


That is when I do the stretch



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I don't really know much about finacea, but I think the best thing to do when trying to use another active topical with BP is to use one in the morning and the other at night.

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Finacea won't unclog the pores, from what I've read of it. It is a treatment for redness in Rosacea. BP should eventually unclog the pores. But, if you keep having problems hun, see your dermatologist about getting a topical retinoid like Tazorac or Retin-A.

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