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Acnexus-My expirience with it, and what I use that has worked.

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So I'm 18. This isn't a spam. You can verify by sending me a message to my myspace if you want myspace.com/ollerton (now I'll probably be accused of spaming my myspace though, right? :shifty: ) If you look at my pictures, most of the early ones there are no acne because they were taken months to a year ago, and the newer ones I've edited with a photoshop-like program)

I started getting pretty rugged acne a few months ago, I guess it's hormonal or something.

Weak-solution SA pads didn't do anything, nor did other treatments I tried. I broke down and bought the 20 dollar Proactive thing. That worked suprisingly well, although I did notice I would break out a little, but still, it helped A LOT.

Then when my acne got better I guess I got cocky and thought "this 3-step thing is annoying, there must be an all-in-one deal that will work"

So I bought Ancexus off ebay. When it arrived, it looked freaking cool and smelled amazing, and I liked the idea of it being all-natural, AND I loved the fact that it was all-in-one.

I tried it for 3 days, the 3rd day I broke out worse than I ever had in my LIFE. It was weird, there was a few weeks between Proactive and Acnexus that I didn't put any treatment on at all, and I broke out much less doing that.

When I broke out terribly w/ Acnexus, I also noticed that it wasn't just a pimple here and a pimple there, it was all in a very concentrated place on my chin/ jaw area. I'm not saying Acnexus made my acne worse (although that is possible) but it CERTAINLY did do nothing to help.

Which is totally believable, I mean after scrubbing your face for 2 minutes, it is obviouse that it did nothing to reduce the oil on your face AT ALL.

So there you go. In my opinion Acnexus is a piece of poop wrapped in burning hair.

And if you buy it off ebay, as what I've heard from people, there's no way to get money back. I could be wrong though, never tried.

I think I'll go back to Proactiv. The thing w/ proactiv is, it got famous because of celeb testimonials, but luckily, they are a very decent product. The best product EVER is the refining mask, it just happends to be a complete rip-off. But it truly does seem to work. Leave it on your face overnight and there truly are results. They seem to dry-out the pimples and make them smaller, and the blemishes left behind from past acne, while they don't shrink, they certainly fade a little.

Proactiv's 3 step program is nothing new, it's just BP, SA, then BP again. But if you bought all that seperately in a store, it would most likely cost more, so overall I think Proactiv (especially if you use the refining mask) is anyone's best bet. Although it is annoying that if you want to return anything, you have to wait 2 months.

My 2 cents. If anyone knows of anything better than proactiv that isn't super expensive, please tell! I'm a dude and could care less about if the product dries out my skin, I just don't want pimples.


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