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I'm beggggging for help

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Wynne should I be using a different facial wash? i'm using cetaphil

and I have 3 diff moisturizers

-johnson n johnson(love it but it's really thick and white)

-aveeno(greasy,doesnt fade red like it's suppose to)


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Aveeno Ultra calming daily moisturizer w/spf 15

Purpose by Johnson and Johnson w/spf 15

and the plain old green cetaphil moisturizer

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your right its not scarring-just red marks (I didn't know what to call them woops)-I still think that jojoba oil kicks ass. I use it for so many things. I love running like a pea sized amount in my hair so my hair looks shiny and feel smooth. I use it before bed every night to moisturize. My skin becomes dry so easily (I have sensitive skin) this stuff is the best. I hope your feeling better now :)

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I just took this after putting some moisturizer on...It might be hard to see because of the lighting but I would really like some input, I know it doesn't look very bad but it's alot more noticeable in person...but there are some obvious parts where you can see the outlines of my patch of redness...under my eye and to the upper right of my lip....I just need to be assured it will go away when I'm off tane and if theres anyway I can lessen it now


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That's a 'tane burn.' It does not have the characteristics of rosacea. The redness will fade away gradually when you discontinue Accutane.

Your skin does look marvelous!

Please do moisturize like crazy! The Aveeno one sounds the best. You can experiment with which one you like most, but I do read rave reviews about the Aveeno one.

Please avoid the sun!!! If you're going to get sun exposure, you must wear a sunscreen. Wind can give you a bad burn, too. If you're going to be out in the wind or sun, please apply sunscreen. Reapply regularly.

You'll need to get into the habit of moisturizing even when you don't think your skin needs it. Moisturize every two-three hours a small amount at least.

When washing, just use warm water. Don't use hot, that will increase the redness and irritation/inflammation.

You might also find that a wet, frozen washcloth placed over your whole face while you're resting on your back or sitting in a chair with your head tipped back, will really help the redness. It will also be soothing.

You're a smashing young man. ;) You'll be ok and back to your old self again.

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I'm marrying Wynne, It's official.....

off to do this cold washcloth business in a min.. =)

is spf 30 sunscreen ok thats what I've been using? Maybe I need a stronger one because my tane burn wasn't always so red

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SPF 30 should be sufficient. Just remember that sweating will make it run. Reapply frequently! The cold washcloth will make you feel so much better all by its self. :) Good luck, youngster!

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Hey Hoofy =)

I saw your pics and I feel your pain.. but a lot of it just looks like red marks, not bad at all compared to what it could be!.. at least theyre not all painful cysts- i have about the same thing.. lots of marks mixed with cysts- And I have the tane "burn" thing too.. its like my entire cheek is a patch of red... what a relief to know i'm not the only one

and no, my bf has still never seen me completely makeup free.. after a day at the beach in the sun and the water, im sure almost all of it was off though lol I told this to another member in my last post-- i was reading a VERY informative magazine article that i thought we all could benefit from.. it was about the one little word for self-consciousness. and altthough those with acne have every reason to feel that way, we usually feel the "spotlight effect"- it makes most of us assume we're getting about twice as much attention as we actually are-- like me-->"if i go on vacation, my boyfriend will see my face without makeup".. or "if I go jetskiiing, I'll look like a klutz.. plus my face will get wet and my makeup will come off"... so, after reading this article, I asked myself the universal question.. "so?"

there are endless applications for the universal question--and the author suggested using it every time you feel yourself hesitating to do something that might deepen or broaden your life.. if my boyfriend dumps me because my face is imperfect, he's an asshole. and i wouldn't want to be with him anyway. that "so?" helped me realize that. So in those moments when you feel embarrassed in public, think of it this way- the worst consequences of living in the light (i.e., around people) are better than the best advantages of hiding in the shadows.. and if your peers and your friends see your acne-- so? you're doing this for YOU, not them

bottom line, i feel your pain and i'm going thru the same thing. current mood= positive but i feel an emotional outburst coming on. kneeling and praying that there will be an end to all this suffering

ps- ur very good looking and you'll be even cuter at the end of all this, and you'll also be a better person, armed with this experience that has taught you patience and what it is to feel pain

hugs, diana

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