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how do you make those red marks go away?

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I am on my 2 m. and 1 day mark, and i don't have that many active pimples and there not bad ones at all, but I my skin won't heal afterward, so i have these awful red dry skin marks. and they stay forever, its so frusterating. How do you make them go away quicker? ive tryed neosporin and aquaphor but they don't seem to help too much. thank you for your help!

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I have had great luck using pure aloe vera, you can buy it at whole foods or any organic store.


same here...Fruit of the Earth makes a good aloe vera gel, you can get it at drugstore.com if you're in the u.s.

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Aloe vera is good yes, but it takes time...

I started using a 6% glycolic acid cream a week ago and my red marks have faded dramatically! seriously. It's amazing. I really recommend it because my marks were terrible before...+ it makes your pores smaller (or at least seem smaller).

My skin looks so great now

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La Roche Posay vitamin C emulsion and alternately Retin-A to treat my red marks( Your skin has to be quite tolerant if you want to use retin a). My red marks are almost totally gone also!

I also love fruit of the earth aloe vera gel as a moisturizer.

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