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So I read this post on another web site:


12. As stated above, THE GUMS CAN BE RECONNECTED TO THE TEETH BY TAKING VITAMIN C (ASCORBIC ACID) (1 tsp) with Arm and Hammer baking soda (1/2 tsp) in 1 inch of water, letting it fizz and then diluting to 1/2 to 1 cup with water, then drinking. The resulting SODIUM ASCORBATE is non-acid, very pure and a thousand times more soluble than vitamin C. SODIUM ASCORBATE IS MORE REACTIVE THAN ASCORBIC ACID © in building connective tissue and antibody structures and more effective in killing some viruses and bacteria."

I thought it was interesting. So Ive been taking 3 grams vitamin c in the sodium ascorbate form, and maybe 1 gram in the regular acid form every day.

Since Ive been doing this, my gums have almost completely stopped bleeding! Also my skin is healing nicely and the bad cough I had is almost healed {and I have chronic bronchitis}. Ive been reading a lot about megadosing on vit c {some people are taking like 20 grams a day} and I think its amazing how much vitamin C our body can absorb and put to use and I think changing it to this form makes it absorb better {I never felt it working the way I do now}. I just wanted to share this with you guys, maybe it will help with the healing time of your acne.

p.s. plus making the mixture is fun, like a science experiment!

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