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Do I have folliculitis on my face?

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Hey everyone, I've been reading some stuff lately about folliculitis and the fact that it's often mistaken for acne.

So here's the deal, I've been on accutane for about 6 months and I was clear a month before the end of the treatment. However, when I had to increase my dosage from 20 mg to 40 mg (I also had to increase to 80 mg later on) I began having spots on my legs and butt (gross I know..) and for about 2 weeks the area of my neck was full of red irratated spots that hurt like HELL! I couldn't shave there because it was extremely painful just to touch it. It disapeard after though. But, when I increased my dosage to 80 mg, I began having severe break outs on my legs, they were usually small red irritated spots but sometimes it would become a cyst, I've had one so huge it left me a small scar and a red mark.

I would also get weird spots on my face every now and then that would disapear during the day. And while my forehead was clean, I could still see some weird small bumps/spots only noticable with a certain light and a good mirror.

The other thing I've also noticed is, since I was on 80 mg, everytime I would shave my face, I would get at least 1 or 2 spots. For information, my facial hair is really thick, like black people even though I'm half latino. I use an electric razor and I have to pass it on my face a lot before I'm decently shaven. But I always end up with a couple of red spots, when I was on accutane it would disapear really fastly, but now that I'm off it takes a couple of days before it vanishes.

Now, I'm off accutane, and I'm still getting spots on my legs (and butt) but much less than when I was on. The problem is, I'm also still getting spots on my face whenever I shave myself, and recently I've been having weird break-outs. Let me explain myself:

these days I've been having white spots and red spots, the first one aren't that noticable, they are flesh coloured. The latter though, they've been appearing out of nowhere, at different times, like when I get up I would often have one, or after cleaning my face (with a gentle cleanser). Sometimes, when they come out, they would either itch or hurt, and would have redness all around it, but not always. And the itching or pain would disapear the day after, always leaving either a small red spot or a small, flesh-coloured spot, that takes several days to disapear. The redness around the spot would also either vanish or shrink.

I know it'd be better to have photographs but that's all I can give right now. What do you think? My old derm wouldn't let me talk for shit so I'm going to try another one and ask him/her if it's acne or folliculitis. I would like to have your opinions though.

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