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I'd like to get opinions on wet shaving.

I use it myself, and I prefer it over using more modern products, I really think it has its benefits. Why?

I'll explain.

Wet shaving is a shaving technique that was used prior to the invention of canned aerosol shaving "creams." The defining difference between a "wet shave" and a modern shave is that with a wet shave, the use of a shave brush, water, and a cream/soap is used to generate a lather, rather than chemicals and air pressure.

There's a couple of benefits to this:

I. The shaving cream will be hot, and help to keep pores open.

II. Most people apply shaving cream using their hands, and press the hairs on their face down. Usage of a shave brush helps to evenly lift the hairs on one's face when the lather is applied, this makes it easier for them to be shaved-off and will result in a smoother shave.

Another common, though non-essential component of a wet shave is that a traditional razor using safety blades is often used. These razors can be purchased fairly cheaply, and the blades for the, cost only about a dime a piece.

Aside to that economic bonus, most traditional razors are adjustable, so for those of us with really sensitive skin can customize our shave to our needs.

Using a sharper blade requires shaving very gently against the face, barely touching one's skin, which helps to reduce irritation. Shaving is typically done over two-three passes, that is, once all the lather from one's face is gone, they'll reapply lather and shave another time. The method is to use short, brief strokes and never pass over an un-lathered portion of one's face.

I've sort of covered the basics of it here.

Does anyone else utilize this method? I find it most pleasant, myself.

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