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Questions about Omega 3 fish oil pills

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I've been taking omega 3 for about a year, but I only just found out that the optimum amount to be taking is 3 - 4 grams. The fish oil I take has :

DHA: 200 mg

EPA: 26 mg

Per 2 capsules

So would this be 2.6g? or 0.26g.. Confused >.<

Any help would be greattt thanks.

And anyone in the UK taking omega 3 pills? Can someone recommend a good brand? Thanks.

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Hiya, Is that some kind of high dha supplement? Normally they are skewed in the epa direction, say 2:1.

2 of those capsules give you 226mg's (0.2g) of omega 3 (assuming theres no other omega 3 in the capsule). Sounds pretty low to me. Brands i've used


Expensive (£20 for 60 capsules but good quality), 1 capsule gives you EPA: 580 mg DHA: 83 mg (663mg o3)

Pulse Advanced O3

Cheapish (£3.50 for 30 capsules from tesco's), 2 capsules gives you 600mg o3

Omega 3 Concentrated

Cheap (£9.95 for 180 capsules) 1 capsule gives you 390mg o3.

Opti Omega 3

Reasonable price and good quality (£8.95 for 120 capsules - supposedly best absorbed triglyceride form so you may be able to take less to be just as effective), 1 capsule gives you 250mg o3.

All are just as good for purity really, the only difference between virtually all Omega 3 supplements is price and amount of omega 3 per capsule.

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