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do antibiotics really work against acne?

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ok, so i understand the idea that antibiotics kill bacteria and should kill the acne bacteria on one's face. However, i really haven't read any actual stories from people where antibiotics actually work. usually what i read is that people just go through several different antibiotics and they all fail, and in the end just get accutane. so the question is, should i waste my time with antibiotics? what are the chances of it working?

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well thats cool that antibiotics works.. hopefully ill be outgrowing my acne in the near future, as NO ONE in my family has ever had it. So maybe if i go on antibiotics for a few months ill get clear and stay clear, but who knows..

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I think you have that backwards there buddy. General it works with the exception of a few people.

Shindou, I disagree with your comment. We absolutely do know the cause of acne bacteria. It is clogged pores that allow the bacteria to breed. Do we know exactly why some people have pores that dont function properly? No we dont, but we do have ways to deal with it. Accutane is one of them.

James is right when he says that antiobiotics do not deal with the root of acne. They simply deal with the symptom. Stop taking the antibiotics and the acne will come back. Eliminate the clogged pores and the bacteria wont form in the first place.

Accutane may not work for some people, but they are the small minority. With antibiotics on the other hand, most peoples' acne (from what I have read and seen) becomes resistant to them after a period of time. If I were a betting man I would place my bet on accutane.

If you want to get into the other reasons why long-term antibiotic use may not be such a good idea I would be glad to discuss it.

Andrew Barczak

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Antibiotics are seen as the first port of call by your GP in the fight against Acne. I have used both Erythomycin and Oxytetracyclin and both have proven to be good immediatly after. BUT almost a week after it returns.

Its definatly worth a dry, cos it may work for you.

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Discussions as to why antibiotics aren't good for long term usage aside, I think they are great when combined with a topical suited to the patient. Of course, if their acne is persistant, or very severe, accutane is an option, and usually a very good one.

But, to answer the question, antibiotics work. Usually very well. There's the key word, "usually". It's subjective to the patient.

There are few drawbacks, like resistance, but a lot of the talk about this is sensationalized.

Second, it doesn't actually cure it. It suppresses it.

This is true for almost any medication, if you stop using the medication that is "giving" you the clear skin, it will almost always slowly start to revert back to normal, or whatever that "normal" was for you.

That said, accutane is considered the exception, but does not work 100% for everyone. If you're a good candidate, I'm sure it will work really nicely.

Sorry to go off topic. Feel free to message me if you have more questions!

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Accutane is known for not curing acne either.

There is no cure. All these medications simply do is get rid of it for a while, depending on the person, and its hope that the medication will just help the cycle.

I am not pro-accutane, unless you have tried everything else, and it has not worked.

Either way, being on acne medication, no matter what kind is not what you want for the rest of your life.

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