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I'll just say that the cycle (for me anyway) is:

1) Feel a pimple on your face

2) "Shit"

3) Frantically try and get to a mirror while your fingers run over it and around it in a panicky fashion.

4) You feel so self-concious its unreal and think that everyone you have talked to must have noticed or is noticing this growth on your face.

5) Finally, a mirror. With an increased heart rate and sweaty palms you look at it and either "Oh, its not as big as it felt" or, in most cases "Crap - I have been walking around with THIS on my face?!?"

6) You try all different methods to get it off. Squeeze it from two sides, poke it with sharp things and try desperately to kill all the bacteria with some cleansing objects so that it doesn't come back.

7) Spot returns and spreads, or leaves it's mark

8) Cycle Repeats itself.

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yep. except that for me, even when you do nothing it spreads and burns in mercilessly. Even the smallest one you'd think would quietly fade away in a day or two becomes part of the bomb-field.

pretty much every single day for as long as I can remember I've been in this cycle.

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Yeah, I do that, except its not always find a mirror, its just scratch it till its gone. I even do that with ones I've already scratched. :doubt:

Just take it easy and don't freak out about it so much next time - I'm sure that half of the reason I do what I do is because I just want to get rid of it - but then remind yourself, that popping it actually hurts more and makes the problem worse!

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This is my cycle

1. See rubbish skin on reflective surface

2. Vow to cut down on fatty and sugary foods and drink plenty of water

3. Do well for a few days and see noticible difference

4. Treat myself to a chocolate bar and mcd's

5. See rubbish skin on reflective surface

6. Vow to cut out sugary and fatty foods altogether, again drinking plenty of water

7. Do well for a few days and see a big difference

8. Get bored being healthy and treat myself to LARGE chocolate bar and Mc'ds

9. see rubbish skin on reflective surface

etc etc

It's a vicious circle damn you tasty but unhealthy foods.


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ahahahah perfect description!! I HATE that feeling, and normally I'll like run to the bathroom, pop it, then blot globs on BP on it and leave it for a while. Most of the time they go away, but sometimes I get like a re-occuring spot and its horrible.

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