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Bare Minimum for Supplements

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What's the bare minimum for supplements that one should take?

I've heard it's a multivitamin, fish oil and calcium. Is this correct? If so, how much do I need? I'm a 21 year old female, if that helps.


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There is no fixed amount: it depends on the person. Your sig says you are "currently clear from paleo diet." Lucky you! If that's true, you don't need supplements that help with acne because your diet has cleared you.

I only take sups if I find they help. So far I'm taking saw palmetto and drinking some ACV. I don't take fish oil sups anymore, because I have an abundance of oily fish in my diet, and the sups didn't help (only real fish), so I stopped them. I plan to take pantethine soon because I'm not 100% clear, but as soon as I clear I'll stop finding other sups to help. Take as many as you need.

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Sorry, I should have specified. I'm not looking to improve my skin because it's perfect now, but I'm looking to ensure that my body overall gets the nutrition it requires.

Basically what an average young woman, acne or not, should be taking.

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it is so easy to get the minimum vitamin/mineral intake (also known as the RDA, you actually need much more than the RDA but i use it as a reference) from a decent whole food diet

i would say fish oil is the most important supplement, the anti-inflammatory and hormone regulation give so many benefits, not the least of which are smooth joints even after brutal workouts

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