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Ok, I took a pic of my left back area about a month ago, U'll see the SEVERE extreme, yes, very severe acne and scars. And now, in about a week (so I can truly show you guys the complete results), you guys will see very light, if not any scars and completely acne free. People was wondering about how to get rid of nasty body acne scars? well I did my regime for a month now and wow, just brilliant. And I'm sorry I wont have pics of my current self because my scars are very light brown, but I'm hoping to be a little more clear so I can truly show you guys my before and after pic. And if you guys are wondering how severe my acne was, Look at darth_wookie's post and his picture, but pretend all those acne are just a miniature version, and more of them with nasty scars. Again, I will post up a thread with my before and after picture in about a week so you guys can see the results. I'm 17 right now so my body produces lots of oil. It's not like I was treating it easily, it was hard work.

Anyways, I put up my regime many times, but ONE more time. Here it is for my body/chest/back acne.


-in the shower, wash hair first.

- wet body

-get panoxyl 10% bar and lather it up in your HANDS (loofah gets it irritated, use

hands), and put it all over body/back (DO NOT USE 10% for NECK UNLESS YOU

have super resistant skin, USE panoxyl 5% bar for neck and face area)

- wait 2 minutes (sing a song or something while you wait ^^ )

- wash off with warm water (not hot water)

- after dry off and wait a couple minutes then apply alpha hydrox aha enhanced

lotion. (for people who can reach the back easily or cannot reach, I strongly

recommend getting a body buddy since the body buddy allows you to

massage and apply your WHOLE back, if you use your hands, you will have

gaps. Or if you have someone to apply it for you 2 times a day, go for it.

- After you wait like 10-20 minutes, you can wear clothing, won't bleach or


Evening: Same as morning.

Side notes and my advice:

-I tried hard to stay cool and not sweat.

-I rarely went outside when the sun was out.

-the lotion can be used on face and neck.

- the lotion may sting for about 30 seconds-1 minute right after you apply it.

(the stinging will go away)

- This regime is very cheap for me. the panoxyl bar is under 10 dollars at

skinstore.com and it is free shipping there. Or you can go to amazon and buy 4

at a time for free shipping (amazon is free shipping for over 25 dollars)

- I don't know if other aha lotions will work, but use the one that Dan mentioned

just incase others don't work. (that's the one I use)

- Using this regime, I am currently preventing breakouts on my body. Acne

just can't penetrate ^^.

- Just incase, if you try the regime I am doing, try not to apply any other products

(other lotions, moisturizers, etc.) just incase, since these are the products

I used, and nothing else. Oh, except for bp gels, I used it for my face on the

current acne. and also a couple on my chest. Doesn't seem to irritate at all.


Be sure to check my new thread next week with before and after pics. Hope you guys all are acne-free as I am on my way to being clear for the first time in my life.

I did not want ppl to wait a too long so I will post up the BEFORE picture, the after picture will have to wait 1 week so I can show you how clear I got.

BEFORE PIC: it is a picture of the left portion of my back taken a little over a month ago.



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I think someone should combine this and ramzey's procedure and make a sticky out of it since they sound very similiar. Ramzey's is a bit more aggressive though.
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before picture is approved, I made a mistake. I previously mentioned that it was a picture of my left back area, but it is my right back area.

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bumping up this thread, sorry guys my digital camera is lost so I didn't have a chance to post up an after pic like i said i would. But it will be up in a couple days, i am trying to borrow a friend's camera to post up the after pic. I could use my cell phone but the quality would be bad.

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Holy! 7 Weeks for bad bacne...

Well, mines is pretty light so I guess 1-2 weeks? Would that seem appropriate?

:S My school wants me swimming on the 12th I think. I dunno :S

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my bro is already on accutane but it doesn't seem to be working maybe because he only about into a month in taking it. He's in terrible pain at the moment and we are all very woried about him. We will be visiting his derm on thurs but in the mean time, we will trying everything we can to ease his pain.

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