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Guest missyjean130

I need to rant BIG TIME!!!!

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Guest missyjean130

This rant isn't too much about acne. The only thing I'm worried about in that department currently is red marks from left over pimples. I've gotton a couple pimples after my treatment and they were super tiny and went away in like, two days.

But no, Another thing in skincare has gotten me completly stressed and paranoid. SUN DAMAGE! I visit websites that talk about premature skin aging and crap....It has seriously made me the most stressed out I've ever been.

A couple weeks ago I just wanted to read up on sun damage to see if I'm doing okay with it and everything...it left me horrified.

I first read that uva/uvb rays can penetrate glass and alot of skin damage comes from through windows and car windows. It scares me cos my bedroom faces the morning sun. I have like two thin curtains, but it still fairly lights up my room. The site basically told me I'm at an incredibly high risk of premature skin aging. Its summer, I sleep in, that leaves me with an equivalent to 3 hours of sunbathing in my own friggin' room everday for all of summer vacation?

So I panic, I look for things that help rebuild your skin after sun damage. AHA! Copper peptides help alot...ooh and it's good for hyperpigmentation too! PLus a few antioxidants and crud...and I'm still using differin so thats my form of topical vitamin A. I of course completly covered my bedroom window. So I become relieved becuase I think my skin is repairing now...I am safe from looking 80 when I'm 20...

But oh yet again.. a few other sites knock me off cloud nine and tell me that sun damage CANT be reversed. I'm in my panic stages again.

Now I havent been sunbathing for extreme amounts at a time in my lifetime. Before the age of 15 I never wore sunscreen except for the beach. The most sun exposure I got as a kid was recess and going hiking twice a month with my parents.

I mean, I'm pretty pale...becuase I hardly get any direct sun exposure. According to all those skin cancer/dermatology sites...I'm going to suffer from premature skin aging pretty badly.

With all these horror stories of premature skin aging and all this information it has left me quite worried. The information of the sites is also very different and contradictory to other information on other sites. I've only been looking into cosmetic and dermatology sites but still get alot of different information and I'm not even sure what to beleive anymore. One said UV rays cant go through glass, another said it can go through glass. One said 80% of UV exposure happens beofre the age of 18, another said it was only 23%.

I'm acting rediculous or something? My friend told me I obviously wasnt getting enough sun exposure cos' I'm so pale. I just dont know what to think! I'm so pissed at this whole situation and I'm not even sure if I should be so freaked out. Being this worried is reaking havoc on my health too, I don't even sleep enough.

Partly, I do think MAYBE I'm over reacting. I mean, no child I know has ever worn sunscreen at recess or anything...and I havent seen premature aging in reality before.

Another friend said not to worry cos' smokers age worse than anything. That didn't make me feel better...my friend smokes all the time...that leaves me with 3 years of occational 2nd hand smoke (granted she only smokes outside, but I'm with her).

I just wish someone could HONESTLY tell me I have nothing to worry about. I really shouldn't worry about wrinkles I'm still a teenager. But the media just always tells you sooo many bad things that are really upsetting.

Maybe its the media's conspiracy to tell you all these scary things so you can buy all their products LOL

PLz dont flame me if you think I'm being dumb :(

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Awww sweetie! That sucks! Please dont believe everything you hear. I know it can be scary but a lot of things people say are old wives tales and simply are not true. I hope you start feeling less panicy. I know how horrible panic disorder is :comfort:

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missy here in aus, the land of skin cancer we're constantly told the motto "slip slop slap" which means hat, sunscreen and shirt. This is a major over reaction from a generation of people that would sunbake for hours constanly being sunburnt. Ive been told first hand by many people in theyre 40's that used VEGETABLE OIL or other ridiculous stuff to cook themselves for a golden tan. Theyre the people with aged skin and cancers.

Point is, the data ur reading is true, however i think its based on data that doesnt apply necessarily to our generation. Fact is we must have certain amounts of sun exposure, the minimum direct sunlight we need is somewhere around 30 minutes a week.

Just think about the old tanning woman in the ben stiller movie "something about mary". From wat uve said, ur skin will likely be in pristine condition when ur older. For girls that dont get excess sun exposure (which u arent) the biggest aging problem is all the chemicals applied on theyre face to prevent/reverse signs of aging.

Dont fret,i just read YOUR 16! lol crazy girls...

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You are stressing too much! :) Don't worry about some gentle sun exposure inside your own house. Worry about lying out baking in the sun for five, six, seven hours a day. Worry about going to a tanning salon.

All YOU need to do now is treat your acne if you have any, use sunscreen, moisturize, and gently cleanse your skin. That is all! :)

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