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At this moment, my skin is not looking so bad. I'm mainly dealing with a few left over red marks. 2 around the mouth area, one on my left cheek and 3 along my upper hairline which is pretty much concealed when my hair is down. With make-up, I can look like I have normal skin...

The thing is, now that I'm in the 'final stretch of the race', I feel worse than I did when I had much more acne. Why is it these last few marks bother me so so much? I think about them constantly, I feel like everyone I talk to is staring exclusively at those marks and wondering what's under all my make-up, I run to the washroom all the time at work to check is my make-up has budged and to do touch-ups. It's getting to the point I can't even function properly...I feel like I've gone insane!

I just wish they would go away faster...This afternoon, I got all ready to go out but took one look at my face in the mirror before I got to my front door and marched straight upstairs to go back in bed. I felt so pathetic...

School is going to start soon and I'm going into my 2nd year of college. I really want to get a fresh start with a clear face and hopefully have a better year than my first, which was marred by skin problems.

I know I should just 'let it go' and live my life and accept the fact that when my marks go away, they'll go away, but it so much easier said than done.

Why is it that a few red marks can bring me down even worse than a face full of acne did? Sigh...

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It's probably because when you had full face acne, you were aware / had a feeling that people were constantly staring etc. You're so used to that feeling when you had full face acne that it has carried on, even when you now currently only have a few red marks.

Hang out with your friends, have a laugh, focus on your studies. Also remember to apply SPF 20+ before leaving the house in the daytime as the suns rays can darken red marks = take longer to fade.

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i dont know but you should be grateful that your acne is clearing up

when people like me are still looking like complete shit

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It's the same feeling getting a 99 on a test instead of a 100. But you don't feel like that if you get a 90 instead.

Being so close to perfection hurts more than when you're lightyears away. That's why some people who has perfect complexion their whole life freak out like crazy at the slightest white head.

I'm happy that your acne is clearing up, and you should be too! Just keep being hopeful and optimistic and know that people don't pay nearly as much attention on your minor flaws as you think (they're all too preoccupy worrying about their own).

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