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Went for my second needling appt at Transitions on Saturday. Just wanted to post an update. My first appt. was about six months ago. My recovery has been faster this time around. Frank had commented that he didn't have to go as deep this time. That's encouraging!

I'm feeling kind of ambivalent about my skin at this point. I feel like my scars are smoother than they used to be. My makeup goes on smoother. But I've come to terms that my skin will never be perfect. All I can do is get it to be as good as it can be. I mostly have shallow indents. Frank agress that they don't really fall in to the boxcar/rolling scar/ icepick classification. What I once would call small icepicks are now looking more like scarred pores. So like I said, not perfection, but improvement. I do have three deep icepicks that I mentioned to Frank I might just go ahead and have excised (there really is no tissue in them - I;ve prodded around with the tip of a toothpick when I tried to CROSS them ages ago). He made it sound like needling could continue to help them improve them. But they are just SO deep that I assume it will take a LONG time.

I know I won't see any improvement for several months, but just wanted to encourage everyone in their pursuit for scar improvement. FOR ME, needling is better than fraxel was. The hardest part about it is finding time for the downtime. WIth fraxel I was presentable within a couple of days. With needling - probably becasue it's so scar specific (as opposed to the whole face) it took me a bit longer than a week to look "normal". RIght now I'm two days out and looking about the way I did on day four on my first go around., but I still have a ways to go before I'd consider "being seen".

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Hi Chrissy

I am glad you continue to have good results. I am wondering why doesnt he needlesthe three ice picks? Why would you go with a more invasive approach, excission? i dont get it. If you continue to see good results stick with what is working for you.

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Pyro, thats because most people believe that ice picks are slow to respond to needling, they tend to have alot of tissue loss and sometimes alot of fibrs holding them down, so excision coupled with dermaroller will give you much better and faster results on deep ice picks...

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Funny to see these post so many months later! Just to clarify, he DOES needle the three deep icepicks...I'm just of the opinion that these scars are so deep and so old I may need to do something more extreme to them.

As a quick update...(it is now 4 months post treatment #2). My scars are still visible. I had a candid talk with my husband the other day about what he thinks my improvement is. He says that he sees more improvement from the needling than he did from fraxel. He says that when he first met me, he was very aware of my skin issues. Now when he looks at me they don't stand out to his eye. Of course I'm a brat so I was grilling him about whether that's because he's just use to my skin now or whether his eyes are getting bad.

Personally, I'm still not satisfied. The scars I used to obsess about barely bother me anymore (frontally, on my cheeks). However, the scars on the sides of my cheeks make me want to throw up. I never noticed these before. So either: 1) when we moved in July, the lighting in my new bathroom is much worse than at my old house 2) my scars on the sides of my face actually got WORSE 3) my bothersome scars have gotten so much better that I am now fixating on scars that never used to bother me.

I have tried to document my scars, but I can never "catch" the scars properly. Makes it very difficult to gauge improvement.

I did cross several scars about 2 months ago. Still waiting to see what the final result is of that. Used 50% TCA, but it was old. I'm pretty sure that in one spot, two small scars merged to form one bigger scar. Not ideal. The frosting/scabbing was marginal. I crossed an old chicken pock on my leg and it turned absolutely purple after stinging like hell. No visible improvement there yet. But I think skin on the leg responds different than skin on the face.

ANyway, sorry for the novel. Just thought I'd let you know what was going on!

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