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I want to grow long hair

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Its Saske!

Good luck with the hair. Maybe you need straighteners


No wait thats Etachi or whatever, his brother?

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I've always wanted to have long-hair.



Yes, I realize its an anime character, but thats what i'm shooting for.

What do you think, I know nothign about hair, i'd love some advice.

My hair always bushes together whenever I try to grow it long.

A couple of girls i know tell me to get the ends cut off every 2 months to make it grow faster. If you read on the net about growth it says you grow at the same rate no matter what you do but i swear if you get it trimmed every now and then you can notice the growth spirt more.

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go to the salon and get your hair relaxed. it will really help. I am in the process of growing my hair out, too, and my hair is very "fluffy" also. I am planning on getting it relaxed once it gets long enough to take some of the curl out of it. OR, you could get a straightening iron and do it yourself, but you would have to do after every time you wash your hair.

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Try taking MSM, it's a naturally occurring sulfur produced in the body. It can sometimes make your hair grow faster, make it stronger, make your nails stronger, and probably much more... It can take a couple of months to start seeing results but it should help.

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i know it's hard to say since it's anime, but juding by the picture and by what a head of hair would do i would see that as a very long bowl cut to be honest. some may not think so because of the headband, but if you tried to get an entire head of long hair to lay like the with a head band, it just wouldn't happen. not to say that you couldn't achieve a similar style without it being a bowl cut, but i would say that is what his would be.
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LOL, sup Shinsengumi. Yeah, well, having anime hair is tons of work I tell ya. I once tried doing Cloud's hair and yeah, it didn't work quite as well as I hoped. It'll take you 3 hours for that kind of hair. Then it'll probably stay for like 5 minutes! ^_^. Anyway, that hair style you posted it up is really easy. Just grow long bangs and use a hair straightener. I know tons of guys that do it. So yes, that hair style is possible, but Cloud's hair... no. ^_^

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