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Hello all, it's been a long time since I been here but accutane did the trick. Im essentially acne-free nowadays but the effects still plague me.

My cheeks look like its been chewed on by a small mammal or something and my parents acknowledge that I should get this treated.

So whats up is that, we get free consultation (hey its free) to this laser institute place. (laserhq.com)

Now I need help.

The guy may or may not have been telling me and my mom BS. Here's a list of things he said. It'll be $8000 but even of everything he said is true, its still pretty damn hefty.

-Acne scars heal better when they're new so I gotta do it soon.

-Worst case scenario is 60% improvement in old scars 80% in new

-Accutane is poison and if I had a good insurance company I woulda went straight to lasers.

-I will never get acne again.

and finally Im pretty sure the primary laser they wanna use (although he hasn't really been specific) is the 1450 nm diode.

Here is the description directly from their site.

1450 nm diode - a deeply penetrating diode laser that is very effective for treating acne and wrinkles. No recovery time is needed after treatment. It can even clear the most stubborn cystic acne on the face, back, and chest. It is as effective as using Accutane without any of the toxic side effects. This wavelength will also improve older and deeper acne scars.

Is there any BS here? Any experiences?

and most importantly...

Whats the most cost-effective and overall best (fast, side effect wise, efficacy, down time, pain, cost) scar treatment available.

I would be happy with 30% improvement or more, my scars ARE very new and I am willing to pay up (preferably less than $4000 tho)

Thank you for your time.

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1) I agree that accutane, while it may solve acne, is poison. Gave me scars too.

2)Stick with fraxel/smoothbeam lasers, do 5 rounds of it, then take some glycycric peels, but nothing too strong. Take microdermbrasions.

3) Avoid dermabrasion, co2 lasers , anything which could potentially destory your skin.

4) stick at number 2 of my list until your scars improve 99%

5)Read this thread for inspiration.


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I know your probably desperate and thats how people like this laser guy get your cash. I mean come on "Worst case scenario is 60% improvement in old scars 80% in new". People here are delighted if they achieve a result like 30%, also when he said you have to hurry and do it soon is just plain dishonest, every doctor i've spoken to said you should give scars at least 1-2 years to see their final result then treat.

Im assuming u knew it sounded like BS and just wanted to confirm but yea when it sounds to good to be true it usually is.

To hatethyself the reason why people generally go for dermabasion or co2 is because it has the potential for the best results if your prepared to take the risk. Also the idea of 99% improvement in scars is simply not possible, I suggest you read this interview with a plastic surgeon Dr. Garcia done on acne.org


Here is just a little of what he has to say on scar treatments.

Q: In your opinion which is the best ablative laser.

A: C02.

Q: And the best nonablative?

A: I don’t think they work.

Q: Do peels work for scars?

A: They’re good for controlling the skin but not even a TCA peel will do much for scarring. Chemical peels do not have a great safety margin.

Q: What about microdermabrasion?

A: It is minimally effective because it is very superficial but it is very good for maintaining skin health.

I highly suggest you check it out as it could save you alot of time and money and potential dissapointment.

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Guest sm_oore

i hear a lot of bad things about Dr. Rispler.

just want to warn you.

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The overall treatment will depend upon the type of scars that you have. I have had two cosmetic dermatologists tell me that the laser is not a very good tool to treat acne scars. The results are minimal and the downtime and risk of hypopigmentation are great. Depending on the type of scars that you have, I would first look at subscision and fillers. I have had decent results with excisions. Some on this forum have also had decent results with fraxel and other methods. Avoid dermabrasion and especially avoid laser unless you are fair skinned and are looking to eliminate relatively light scarring. Basically, the laser does a controlled burn on your face and the downtime and potenital risks are significant. I would save the $8k and look at other methods.

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Guest delta force operators

alot of people say topicals dont work, but since they are fairly new,i woudl try retina r taz for a yr along with copper peptidies nd glycolic peels, non invasive laser such as smoothbeam, medlight, microdermabrasion, fraxel, i believe this can give u around 15-30 percent improvement, then u can move up to excision, incision, fat tranfer, punch grafts, and co2 or dermabrasion, it all depends on the type of scsars u have, and the results ull be happy with

right now im currently trying retina along with copper peptides and glycolic peels, i will try microderm , smoothbeam menlight along the way, over a yr from now i should be happy with reslults, if not ill try fraxel, fat graft, and fat tranfer.Its a long process, U can go for the quick solutions, fat graft, fat transfer then fraxel, but this is very costly

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