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i am a new member to the site , but i have been reading posts for a while now!

i am starting isoterian in about a month, and need all the help i can get.

a bit o history

i have mild to moderate acne but have been battling it for years i am a 24 yr old female, its runing my whole life im consumed with it and have been for a while and if i dont have actives i have these wonderful red/brown marks all over.. :rolleyes:

i know its not as bad as some ppls but it is still devastating waking up every day facing the uglyness! i know i can be pretty but when i look in the mirror the marks and acne are all i see!

even worse im getting married in one month ( sure hope my makeup lady brings some costume makeup and packs it on!)

like everyone on this fourm ive tryed it all!


gycolic peals)still doin)

topicals galore


microdermabrasion ( not at home, with an estition) ( still doin)


birth control ( i have been through at least 5)

vita cure b5( still doin)

vitiman c (still doin)

vitiman b6 (still doin)


acv ( drinking it ewwww)

among other things!!!!! :boohoo:

anyway i hope you all can help me out !

thanks for the vent

bella m

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Some natural routes can help too.

Sugar may be a trigger for you. I've gone water only and it works quite well.

thanks for the quick reply!

i forgot to mention that....

my diet is pretty spotless, i dont drink anything but water ( no joke nothing but water)

exept the occaisonal weekend of gin and tonic but that does not happen too often!

i have not ever likes sweets so cookies choclate candy are and have been out of the pic for i dont even know how long, i try to keep it to foods that dont come out of a box so when i grocrey shop i stick to the edges of the store exept dairy i dont touch dairy!

manily fruits veggies meats ( lean of coarse) nuts seeds, occaisonly you have to kill a craving by eating something ( bad) :naughty: so i wont lie and say that never happens! but i eat way more good than bad, i do that for skin ( with little results) as well as vanity (with great results) i am about 5 ft 3" and am 100lbs, so yeah,

i have to say sugar cant really be the issue!

what else ya got!? hahaha

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