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My freakin nose!!!

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This is truly my worst problem acne area, and is starting to be the only one. I've been using salicylic acid, of course, in alcoholic form. I can't find any of the skincare friendly salicylic acid treatments in the drugstore. This little bump has been here, right under my nose, for god knows how long (a good half of a year at least) and does not surface. I use prescription topical medication day and night, i wash my face day and night with a gentle cleanser, use the astringent and it just won't go away! And now I have a pimple in my nostril that hurts bad! None of this will go away and it's getting worse! :cry::wall::boohoo: What the hell is it? Is it when I blow my nose, the mucous seeps into the skin even though I thoroughly clean it dry?! I am SO fed up!

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Intresting enough, I had one of those on my cheek. It just looks a like a red spot, where acne was.

Eventually I was just like screw it, and let it work it self out because no creams got rid of it. Now after about 5 months its almost gone, and getting better. All I can say it wait it out.

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I think that when you keep medicating an area it keeps pimples from surfacing. Since you give this pimple alot of medications, it hasn't surfaced. I say just leave it alone for a month and if it doesn't surface... idk. lol

its just a theory of mine

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I have a closed condemone on edge of my right lip, right in the middle where you open your mouth. As much as I want it to come out, I also don't want it to come out. My left side had the same problem and it came out last week but it was horrible. My face is filled with red marks already. Eventually those bumps will come out. I noticed that BHA really makes it react and come out.

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