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need help

Snail slime?

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Okay, I know this sounds gross, but my daugher's friend swears by using snail slime for acne. Has anyone heard about this? There is a review for something called Bio Skin Care on this site - kind of mixed, but I found something else online called "Eligarden Soap with Snail Slime" and the only ingredients listed are the snail slime, glycolic acid and alantoine collagen.

Apparently this is a natural antibacterial from the snail's extract and a natural skin healer. My daughter really wants me to order it, so I'm trying to do as much research as possible.

Thanks for any help!


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Doesn't work. Tried it.

Thanks. Can I ask how long you tried if for and what kind it was?

same here. tried it n nada. didnt work.


How long did you try it for and what brand did you use? One of them has alcohol in it which dries your skin. I'm looking at one that only lists three ingredients which might make a difference.


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I don't know about snail slime on acne but according to my acupuncturist, it works on wrinkles. I think I'll stick to well known acne treatments than use snail secretions on my skin.

Saw Bergamo brand ampoules for sale. 4 for $20. Bumping this to see if anyone else has tried...

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I used a snail slime facemask with other completely natural ingredients and I only got it as a sample from an organic store I love. When I used it my skin would get very hot and as I washed it off I. It iced my face had gone red and I freaked out about it.

Then I went to sleep with a red face, I woke up and my skin was so soft, and it had reduced the severity of my acne! I was astonished with the results!

It worked well for me, I wouldn't recommend using it too often as my skin did react weirdly to it but at least it worked!

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