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Cysts on accutane

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Ok, so i've been on accutane for about 50 days now. I've always had bad cysts on my chin and cheeks. They seem to be staying as bad as they were before starting, i even have a new one that won't go away. They just keep flaring (HUGE) and won't go flat. Has anyone else had this? Do they ever fully go away? It's so annoying and embarassing.

I've heard a lot of people on here were clear by month 3, so I'm kind of hoping a miracle will happen by then. Basically just wanted to hear from some cystic acne people and their experiences. thanks : )

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Yeah, it happens. I'm on month three and the cysts just began to die down suddenly after the second month. They say the third month's to watch out for, that's when you start seeing results. Just hang in there.

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Yeah, I'm in the 3rd month and BEGINNING to see results. ;) I know where you're coming from, I didn't have cystic to begin with, but got some during my course. :( It actually was prolly around 50 days or so, so don't lose heart! It will get better. I'm seeing improvements. Hang in there, and good luck!

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thanks all. i've been pretty positive so far, but ugh i just want them to stop flaring! hoping for the best in month 3 ; )

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