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My official apology to Dan / review of the 'starter kit'

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So I just got the starter kit I ordered a week or two ago last night. No, the shipping didn't take that long, I was just on vaca out of the US and just got back last night.

Not sure why.. maybe the hard water.. but in Germany for a week my face got a bit redder than usual and I broke out in two places with a bunch of very, very tiny pimples. It almost felt like grail on my face.

Anyways, last two nights of my trip I was really looking forward to opening it up and trying it out. I purchased two, one for my sister, who is 16 and acne has REALLY started hitting her hard in the past few months. She's a pretty girl and she has a really social life and it saddened me seeing her get hit so hard by acne.

First thing I notice when I get home is her face is a lot better looking. A LOT - and this is her after only a week on the regimen. Her face is still broken out a bit, but the redness is nearly gone, her skin looks less oily and her acne doesn't seem as inflamed.

I tried the cleanser/moisturizer for the first time last night. My questions are..

1) Does the cleanser lather for you? I found this kind of annoying, but it more than makes up for it, which I will address in my 'review'.

2) When I press the pump on the moisturizer, it comes out, but it also leaks out a lot around the nozzle as well. Right where the cap screws into the bottle, about as much as I pump out leaks out as well. So in essence ever pump I do takes out 2x as much as usual. Normal? Not sure.

3) Why does the moisturizer have such a strong odor? I noticed a lot of people were saying how nice the moisturizer/cleanser were because of no added scents, but even after it has absorbed into my skin, it's strong.

As for my review....

1) The cleanser works AMAZINGLY well even though it doesn't lather. My skin used to feel very tight and dry after just cleansing it.. but after using the cleanser even just one time, my face felt about 90% normal. Still a touch of dryess around my eyes/bridge of my nose, but that's it. It also removed all the grime and sweat that had accumulated on my near-20 hour flight back home.

2) Moisturizer.. again, amazing. Unlike cetaphil which doesn't absorb into your skin after even 5 minutes of working it in, and leaving a greasy film left on your face for the rest of the day.. this stuff rocks. It is literally completely absorbed into my skin completely within 30 seconds. My skin looked great when I woke up this morning, not a fleck of dry skin anywhere. Normally when I wake up in the morning I have a few dry spots on my face. The only downside was that my face looked pretty greasy, but I'll chalk that up to sleeping and being under a heavy blanket. Warmth = sweat = greasy looking face. We'll see if my skin looks greasy tonight after having it on for a few hours.

So there you have it.. my official review. And now my apology.

I apologize to Dan for making the thread about prices being high. I was just leary at first spending almost $90 on a one month kit for two people when I thought these products were designed to be affordable. After seeing the work he has put into getting only the best products to us, I hope you (Dan) are driving a maserati and living in rather large home right now. The stuff works great, better than anything I have used as of yet.

Bottom line - If you're apprehensive about buying this stuff because you're worried it'll cause you to break out / won't work as well as your current moisturizer/cleanser - BUY IT. I can't stress enough how well it has been working.

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The cleanser lathers really easily, but you do need a bit of water in your palm. For me, I put water on my face, put one pump of cleanser on my damp hands and add just a little extra water in my hand, and then rub them together vigorously and within a few seconds I have lots of lather. It lathers to the point where I can use it to shave my legs and armpits and all, I'm talking pretty serious lather, more than any other cleanser I've tried, but not as much as shaving cream. Definitely try doing it with more water in your hand! It would be a shame if you couldn't get it to lather, I think the lather is what makes the cleanser so fun to use.

Glad to hear your good review on the moisturizer! I'm still waiting on mine so hearing everyone else talk about it is pretty exciting, building up the suspense for me.

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You don't need to apologize for anything. You're a customer, and if you feel the need to raise a complaint you are free to do so. It's your right as a consumer :D

Thats how products get better!

Hard water impedes the ability of detergents to lather. So that might be why you have a lathering problem.

I agree on the subject of the moisturizer pump, it is problematic on opening it, and some moisturizer does come up out of the neck of the pump. If this gets out of hand for me, I'm just going to screw on the cap that first comes on the cleanser...

I don't think the moisturizer smells bad. But it does have a very, very, faint-clove/floral like smell; not everyone likes the smell of cloves though. I think its the bisabolol.

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I'm not sure why it doesn't lather. I did try mixing a bit of water with it when it didnt' lather at first, and it didn't work either.

I do realize hard water makes soap not lather well (chemistry ftw!), but I'm not in contact with hard water anymore. That was when I was on my trip, now I'm back home where we have a water softener, thankfully.

I'm a bit disappointed that my face still looks pretty shiny/oily with the new moisturizer, I was hoping that was something I could blame on Cetaphil and that Dan's stuff would fix, but I guess that's just genetics.

And as per the odor thing.. mine smells more like rubbing alchohol actually, and it doesn't go away for a while. I'm talking like 30 or so minutes.

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...But it does have a very, very, faint-clove/floral like smell; not everyone likes the smell of cloves though. I think its the bisabolol.

What!? (emphasis mine above) Ok, I have to order this stuff now. I LOVE the smell of cloves. One of my perfumes smells of cloves and spices. :D

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That was the first thing I checked for, the scent since people said it smelt like something. And I LOVED how it smelt lol

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omgu8myrice ~ I'm glad to hear that you and your sister are having such wonderful success with the products in a short period of time. My skin took more time to clear, but it's much better now than it's ever been before (and I'm 36!). I've found that even if I miss one night of my routine I have serious set-backs. If I miss TWO nights I will pay the consequences. UGH!

I've noticed that if I don't use enough of the cleanser or if I use too much water it doesn't lather very well for me either. First, I splash some water on my face (just once) so it's a little wet, then I use one full pump + a smidge more of cleanser, then vigorously rub my palms together for a good 8-10 seconds until I have a nice, thick, white lather. I've read many reviews where people don't care of the faint smell of the cleanser, but I've never notice it probably because I hold my breath while washing my face (soap up the nose makes me sneeze, lol!).

I also have some residual shininess from the moisturizer. I tend to have t-zone oil and am shiny no matter what I try. I have a tube of some sort of mattifing lotion/gel/cream (?) from Avon that I smooth on over my forehead & nose after putting moisturizer on in the morning. This doesn't take away 100% of the shininess, but it does help dramatically.

I did have some moisturizer ooze out when I first opened it, but I haven't had any further troubles with the pump, but I only use maybe 1/2 of a pump of lotion in the morning.

Hope this helps!!

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