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Cysts forming at week 4 of regimen

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Have anyone experience this ? I seldom get cysts, but right now, I have like 2 cysts on my face. Am at week 4 of the regimen.. arghhh..so sad now..

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Yes, and i'm at the end of week one. I haven't had a cyst for months, but just yesterday, I got one next to my nose, on my cheek. Surprisingly, the pus surfaced, and I was able to pop it.

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my face is really breaking out like hell now..

Left cheek.. 2 big pimples and 1 small 1..

Right side.. 1 big size cysts..which i drained.. now is big red bumps..


and I think my left cheek got another 1 gg to become pimple soon..

I didnt have this b4 or during the 1st 3 weeks of my regimen..

how come week 4 is so terrible..

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Hang in there! Be sure you are using the full amount of benzoyl peroxide by this point in time (a full fat finger length).

Remember to be super gentle too. And if you need to, you can consider icing those cysts. It can help decrease the pain, redness, and swelling.

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one thing i noticed about tha regimen is be4 i had really bad oily irritated skin with little pimples it looked horrible and then now i just get kinda big pimples but alot less of em like im on my 9th week n my left side of face is clear i jus got sum pimples on my right side of face id say about 5 active spots but hang in there my face got better wen i started then got worse n made me wanna quit

but now its alot better n im on my way to being clear i think so just hang in there bro u can do it trust me

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I hope you keep going at it with the regimen even though it's hard in the first few weeks. When I started, it went well, especially for the first couple of weeks, then I got that "sun burnt" skin you posted about. I thought it was getting better the next week, then I broke out like you and I was annnnngrrry! I honestly thought I was going to quit but I didn't (the only thing I did different was to use the full finger of BP at night, no more mornings). I'm glad to say I am in my ninth week and my face is fully clear, with only 2 spots on my chin, below my face where I feel like people don't really see (though my 2 yr old did point it out yesterday-kids are silly). The redness is also subsiding. I just wanted to encourage you to keep going at it. Make sure you moisturize as much as you need to and gently exfoliate every so often and I hope it will get better for you. Weeks 4,5, and 6 were the worst for me, so hang in there!

BTW lucky you only getting acne at 20. I've had mine since the fifth grade.

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Try using an AHA or some other form of exfoliation. Maybe the cysts are from the dead skin build up on your face...

Just a thought.

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