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Scar Guard works!

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Scar Guard MD is a great product and is a mainly recommended by doctors by people who have had surgery. I have used this product to help lighten my acne scarring and heal scabbing areas at night. Major ingredient is hydrocortizone and silicone. It goes on as a clear liquid and dries as clear film that acts as a barrier - like a liquid bandaid. This is great if you tend to be a picker as it protects the skin from your fingers and infections. I've been using this product whenever I have a huge breakout to avoid scarring and infection and has helped my skin healing effectively. It also works wonders on my old scars. It only comes in 1 oz bottles but I have bought tons of it to use on large areas of my face before. I can only use it at night, people can see it if I wear it the daytime even though it's clear.

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Hi Sandywo,

Yes, it is extremely effective for Keloid and raised scars. It was made especially for painful raised scars caused from surgery. It is not for sunken in scars. I have used Mederma on it and I got impatient and stopped as I was not seeing results fast enough. I have used Scar Guard on my old scars, scabs, even active pimples (to prevent myself from picking). You can actually buy it in Rite Aids, CVS and Duane Read in the Band-Aid aisle. Its expensive ($40)for a .5 oz small bottle but works wonders. I was actually surprised it wasn't mentioned in this site anywhere but I highly recommend it.

Do not use any acne product underneath as the film enhances the product - can cause peeling etc.

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I forgot to mention you should look Scargaurd up on the internet, I think you will feel more confident about the purchase. I did alot of research before I used it on my face! I also want to mention I went thru painful "stress" acne break out all over my cheeks a few months ago and used this product to heal the hyperpigmentation and safely heal scabs. I went thru alot of bottles but all worth it to not have indentations or raised scars.

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you can purchase this product on drugstore.com. want to also mention that i was trying to heal my skin from brown and red spot before my new job and worked miracles using 2 weeks. it really helped that I stayed at home and had it on 24/7 to speed consolidate the process! i would peel of the film every couple of hours and put it on again. It was crazy but I needed to look my best.


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Skinminny - Are the results permanent? Once a raised scar flattens out, will it thicken again once the product is not used?


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Dan: I do not have first hand experience on Keloid scars so unfortunately I don't know. It does say it was produced mainly for Keloid scars but I don't have first hand experience. I have mainly used Scarguard for the discoloration, pigmentation and to safely heal acne scabs to avoid further damage. I suggest you read the website and call the company to ask for peace of mind before purchase. goodluck!

Dee: I really wished I got paid to hawk the stuff! great skin does not come cheap when you are not born with it like me.

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On my quest for clear and perfect skin... The last month I was fighting my acne and now that it has subsided, I am looking into healing scars and removing hyperpigmentation. The last 3 weeks. I am very sensitive to chemicals in things like retin A, BP, SA that DR prescribe (i break out worst). Scars are flat with pigmentation. 99% clear.

-microdermabrasion: using organic salt or diamond

-10% glycolic + enzyme face peel

(one week apart)

-sulphur drying spot treatment only for active pimples

I noticed the salt microdermabrasion even out my over color in skintone. Still the texture has lots of tiny bumps, I've found that its caused by the trauma of skin from microderm and will need time to go away. I don't have the patience so I let skin rest a week and I schedule a Glycolic and Enzyme peel. The peel makes my skin texture smoother and cleared up skin alot (had 4 little postules on cheeks). I am using Scar Guard on the darker spots that I want to fade faster. I am scheduled for another microderm and peel. It is suggested that peels works better when skintone is evened out from the micro. I don't think superficial peels alone can do that. As a final, I will be getting Photo facials (IPL). they recommend that my breakouts be under control (hence the peels) before IPL otherwise I will have initial breakouts which will undo all I've done this month.

expensive, sigh. this is pretty aggressive in the short time but i really don't want to wear makeup. figure the longer I wait the harder to get rid of scar. but less downtime, less pain than laser or deeper peels. cheaper in long run.

at night I use sparingly pure squaline all over my face to hydrate and with a little neosporin for the "scar" spot treatment, then Scarguard over the more stubborn scars. I find the better I keep my face moisturized, the scab forms faster and sit lighter on skin. The deeper the scab the longer it takes for new skin to form underneath. good to know!

I just got a tube of Skinoren and I am tempted to use to lighten my scars. But I fear the breakouts. Am testing it on small spot near my jowls for patch test (have a few tiny whiteheads). this is so time consumning, i hope to spend less time obsessing once my skin gets to the healthy point. Emotionally and financially draining. Also to mention that I also am on a healthy regimen with flaxseed and Omega 3. Keeping all foods to organic only and cutting out the dairy and processed soy (which I think caused my breakouts, I had non organic milk for a week when I was on a trip!)


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