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Anyone else on this board a vegetarian? How long have you been one? why are you one? Fav recipes? Anything else...

I have been one for two months and a bit... I decided to stop eating meat beacause I dont really like the taste, Its easier for your body to digest non-meat, and believe in animal rights.

I like to make mushroom/veggie/tofu stirfrys

I need some more recipies tho for meals :S

I mostly just snack


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I've been a vegetarian for years. Although I do have things with gelatine in now and then but I'm cutting that out.

At first it was because of the animal cruelty involved with the meat industry but now I just cannot imagine eating meat ever again. It's just eating flesh ]: I'd rather gnaw on my own arm.

Tofu is delicious with tons of soy sauce. I've cut out soy though lately.

I snack also. It's usually better for your digestive system to have many smaller meals a day rather than three large ones [: Nuts are very handy for all the essential fats and oils.

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As amusing as that error may have been to you, don't you think it's a little rude to mock someone's beliefs and lifestyle choices?

I'm not a vegetarian, but if they show me respect, I have no reason to show them anything but the same.

And yes, I'm sure people are aware that it is not protein that worsens acne, because no one listed acne as one of their reasons for being a vegetarian. And besides, a vegetarian diet doesn't have to be reduced protein, because things like beans, lentils, nuts, and soy/tofu are all protein rich foods.

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hey! I love this whole forum thing lol ive been a vegetarian for alomost 2 years now and i love it! not only am i on cross country at my college, but ive actually started body building. Its funny how people in america thing we need loads and loads of protein. Personally i think its a way for people who have weak self control to justify eating meat lol. i take a protein shake twice a day. and the only reason i do that is because im going to the gym and im still growing and all. but for seditary folks theres nothing you need that plants can't give you. Its sooo much healthier for the earth, the people, and the animals lol ive got my grandpa being a vegetarian and hes lost 15 lbs....also my aunt who has crons syndrom ..i think thats how you spell it lol and she was on i htink it was something like 11 medications, she said screw it! stopped eating meat and went for reguar colon cleanses and shes off ALL of the medications and the doctors are astonished! as long as you take ur vitamins.." which even non-vegetarians should do" a vegetarian lifestyle is the way to go. as a reply to what the other person said up there.........since ive become vegetarian my acne has almost gone away.

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Hey, Thanks everyone for their replies :) But.. I just realized I should have posted this in the Diet/Holistic Forum... not the Diet/Holistic LOG.. So If someone can move this post there, that would be great :) Since.. Im not claiming or doing the whole vegetarian thing for my acne... just a lifestyle choice.


Haha.. I Dont have fangs to eat meat, I have them to bite my lovers.

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I was a vegetarian for 2 years and during the past month I started eating meat again. Just a little, not nearly as much as most people, but enough to give me major constipation and just feel icky inside after eating it. I had a little chicken at work and couldn't stand the taste in my mouth.

I want to go raw again. Being raw, it's an amazing feeling...

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Yay Veg! 1 year 2 months and counting.

I just went to the Wisconsin state fair, and all those animals in cages and pens and what not, just way too much for me

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Vegetarian for 3 years! I have attempted being vegan many times but have not succeded yet (someday i'll get there)

i'm veg cause i'm an animal lover, i'm health consious & it just hate the taste of flesh!

check out how it all vegan for some good eats!

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ive been a vegetarian for about 12 years...so around the age of 11 i guess? growing up, even when i was really young, i refused to eat cheese, HATED milk, butter, etc. my mom used to have to FORCE me to eat mac and cheese and pizza- what kind of elementary school kid hates mac and cheese and pizza?! anyway, i gave up meat altogether, but still ate some dairy.

i really just don't like the taste or texture of meat at all, it gives me chills..as far as the animal rights thing goes...it kinda makes me laugh when people say they stopped eating meat because of animal rights- the animals are still being slaughtered...i understand where you are coming from completely (im a HUGE animal lover and i'd rather play with animals than eat them), but just not eating meat isn't enough- if you really care about animal rights, visit a slaughterhouse, rescue/adopt some animals headed for slaughter, and then you will REALLY be making a difference...or donate some money or time to a non-profit animal rescue place.

that being said, i encorporated seafood into my diet within the past 2 years- i live RIGHT on the ocean in FL so its kinda hard not to...i LOVE seafood- some types still kinda skeeze me out like mussels, clams, tuna, oysters...but there is nothing like catching your own fish and cooking it up for dinner.

anyway- i have TONS of healthy veg/vegan recipes- most of them are just ones that ive made up over time. as far as healthy snacks go- you can NEVER go wrong with fruit- mangos, kiwi, strawberries, blueberries...and if you like veggies, find a really good dip or salad dressing you like and snack on raw veggies...whole wheat pretzels are good too

We have fangs. Eat meat or die

Funnily enough, it's been four years and I'm not dead yet!

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