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My tough battle..still fighting

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Hi guys.. Think I shall start a blog here.

I have had acne since 4 yrs ago . I'm 24 this year.

I had tried various help like retin A / differin/ antibiotics / ro-accutane / med-lite laser/PCA peel/ facial but none of which seems to cure me and most of them causes me breakout. Only retin A manage to curb it for like half a year but after which lots of small pimples appear, causing me to stop it as well.

My condition b4 I started the DKR. Lots of small whitehead on my cheeks.

I'm currently on the 4th week of the regimen (day 23) .

Week 1 : Everything seems quite ok, but whenever I applied the moisturer I could feel a burning sensation on my face.

Week 2: I could feel a layer of dead skin on my face, skin darkening occurs I think..uneven skin tone.. breakout started have 2 pimples of my right cheek and 2 on my left. At the end of the week , skin starts to flake, could see the lighter coloured skin beneath it, but could see skin is of uneven skin tone. COULD SEE LIKE SKIN IS SUN BURNT

Week 3: Another 2 pimples appear at the end of week 3.. 1 on left and 1 on right cheek .. pretty big and red..arghhh..

Week 4- day 23: The 2 pimples are around 4 days old.. the one on the right cheek is expanding bigger but without any pus spot.. so I cant drain them...arghhh..

Skin tone is uneven. My friends who saw me a few days ago even commented why my face is like so dark.. sunburn or what? ..

My regimen is as followed (as of now):

1) Dan Cleanser

2) MOrning - 1/3 finger Dan BP / Night - 2/3 finger Dan BP

3) Cetaphil moisturizer

Seriously need help.. with my (sun burnt/uneven) skin

I wanna ask if bp or moisturizer would cause this ??

Thanks a lot for any help given

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Day 26 :

My face is breaking out more and more!

Left cheek : 3 pimples formed over these 3 days!!! not the veri small 1.. quite big!..

I drain 2 of them.. and the 3rd is still out there.. I could see that a 4th pimple may be coming out..

Right cheek : I drained the big pimple on my right cheek 2 days ago, it was really really big.. cyst. .I'm sure of..

How come this week I keep having very big pimples.. really sad..

The 3-4 big pimples are super obvious even from far..

Really dunno what to do.. if this continues.. I may have to stop the regimen for a while to see how..

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I noticed that you had been on a round of Accutane before. I've been on a few myself, and I'm one of the unlucky one for whom acne will keep coming back. If you're getting cysts, then the Regimen might not be enough to tackle your acne. If you agree, I might consider talking to a derm about another round of Accutane. The Regimen is enough to tackle my acne now, but it wouldn't have been without my rounds of Accutane.

Cam >B)

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