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help about peels!!!!

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Can someone please recommend a good peel that will even out my skin tone and help with superficial acne scarring? Im pretty desperate. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much:)


I have Indian skin

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You'd only want a superficial peel (because of your Indian skin - anything stronger might cause horrible pigmentation problems), and a series of superficial peels might do something. (Not a lot, but will help your skin tone greatly, and improve superficial scarring, too!)

I think even a regularly applied glycolic acid product in a low strength would help you out in a few weeks. Check into Aqua Glycolic's products; you'd probably greatly benefit from both the cleanser and the toner used as directed. Don't use the lotion/cream, it did not get as good reviews.

I wouldn't do any type of other peeling as it may cause acne to flare and you'll have a breakout for your event. :(

Alpha Hydrox's Souffle is another good choice. It is not doing a great deal in and of itself for correcting the pigmentation problems on my arms, shoulders and back, but it is helping a bit.

The product I really like is Avon's Anew Clinical Advanced Retexturizing Peel. I use it every other morning now, and it has significantly improved the appearance of my skin, the texture, and the pigmentation problems. I read that there are other terrific serums with glycolic (10% or so in them) that will help just as much and perhaps not be as irritating as the Avon product might be for some.

Another option is to go to an esthetician for a series of superficial chemical peels! It would cost more than if you did them yourself, but you'd be more assured of a safe application, particularly if the practitioner has a lot of experience with acne-prone skin.

12.5% TCA (lunchtime peel) is another option. OR the TCA Latte, advertised on Julie's Perfect Complexion website. It has some smashing reviews, and would be safe for regular use. I am tempted by that one, myself!

For the next several weeks, use a gentle sensitive skin cleanser and don't change your products about too much! The more change you put your skin through, the more likely you'll experience a breakout.

With any of the peel products, you MUST use a sunscreen or you will get hyperpigmentation blotches.

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stupid question, but Even though the Aqua Glycolic cleanser says its a facial cleanser, would it work on the body as well?
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Would it all be beneficial to use the Alpha Hydrox lotion if I'm using the Avon Retexturizing Pads? I also plan on giving myself my first peel this week.
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