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Small bumps plugged pores could be a fungus.

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just wondering JMTM if anyone responded and I guess not...Im so desperate for my sebaceous glands to stop pumping out shit that I'm considering low dose accutane on monday when I see my derm. She suggested it last month as an option for me as nothing has worked to help my situation in the last two years and its consuming every part of me.

HA! We have something in common. I went to the dermatologist today and he wants me to try accutane again-- we seem to have a drug-resistant topical-resistant acne. Scary when I think about it.

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So are you going to start the accutane again? Im due to start Monday and i'm nervous as hell. Its going to be an ultra low dose of once a week to start..I swear I would stay on it the rest of my life if it works.

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Sorry to bring up such an old topic but I found this extremely interesting because i had a visit with the derm and she prescribed me Ziana gel trenioid because she said blackheads and whiteheads. But ive tryed everything to get rid of these bumps and nothing helps. The ziana made it worse. Do you think it could possibly be this fungus?

Heres a link to what they look like. (This isn't me, i found this off of google images but they look the exact same as these) Im also 14 years old i normally have 2-3 red pimples but thats normal for a teen. I just cant stand these bumps!!!!

[Edited link out]

All help would be greatly appreciated.


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Just wanted to post on this thread and say I was suffering from these little white bumps all over my chin. I wondered if they were closed comedones, scars, or a fungus/bacteria issue because nothing I did made them go away! Then I took probiotics as an experiment. They made my face break out like crazy but I noticed all of the bumps either went away or significantly reduced in size. Once I stopped the probiotics they came back all over my chin.

So, I was obviously dealing with a kind of foliculitus - I was thinking specifically yeast because the bumps would multiply if I ate or drank anything with a high sugar content. I really didn't want to be putting nizoral on my face so used tea tree oil for a week with okay results. Then I decided to try putting a plain Greek yoghurt mask on my face and it has worked AMAZINGLY! All of the bumps are flaking off and revealing smooth skin underneath and it has only been 3 days! Just wanted to throw that remedy out that for people who are worried about nizoral breaking them out.

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Yeah that is what the bumps on my chin look like. The plain yoghurt won't seem to quite get rid of the ones that are still left so I bought nizoral shampoo. I'll let you know how it goes, today is day one of trying that. I would give it a try for your forehead if nothing else is working. I also found out that you should keep the bumps dry so try not to moisturize the affected area.

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I know these threads may be old but I wanted to share an experience I had last night. I'm 57 years old! Never had bad acne but diagnosed with Rosacea a couple of years ago. Food is a major contributing factor so I learned by elimination what to stay away from. I had a bad flare of seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp that crept down to my face and it was horrible. After it cleared up I decided to get back to using a retinol. I use Cervaes resurfacing serum. To avoid the dry peeling skin I mix it with Neutrogena Hydrogel moisturizer. SO I have done everything to try to get rid of the flesh colored bumps along my jawline and one side of my cheek and have exhausted everything! Bha, glycolic peels, BP, Lotrimin Ultra (jock itch cream) to no avail. I bought Dr.Brandts pore no more Vacuum cleaner which is awesome in cleaning out your pores. I used that last night, got on the phone for about 30 minutes....you're only suppose to leave it on for 10 minutes so I was nervous and ran in the bathroom took a warm washcloth to get it off. My skin was red and a bit stingy so I thought I really needed to moisturize well. I took my Neutrogena Hydrogel and started massaging my face with it, AND OMG...I had everything coming out of my pores! The more I rubbed the more sebum plugs were on my hands! It was gross but I couldn't stop!! I thought I was going to wake up with a red swollen face but it wasnt!! So not only was every pore clear but the dang flesh colored bumps were cleared out too! AND the seed like white keratin plugs that have been on my chin for years were clear!! This happened after only using the Retinol serum for a week. I think it must have loosened up all the congestion in my pores  so along with the retinol, the Dr Brandts vacuum cleaner and the vigorous rubbing my entire face is clear. If I have to do this weekly I will...for now after years of dealing with flesh colored bumps on my cheeks, picking at them, never really healing.,.they would get crusty and I would start messing with them again. The white seed like things below my lip and on my chin are gone! It's a freaking miracle! I dont want to get too excited because  I'm afraid everything will come back 10 fold, but like I said if I have to I will do it weekly! Let me know if anyone  has every experienced something like this!


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