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quesitons about making a toner

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So I bought an %30 SA peel from perfect peel solutions, and I'm to scared to use it lol, but I was wondering how to turn it into a diluted toner?

I put it into some water and it immediately crystallized. :think: I want to do this cause all of the other toners contain alcohol and other irritating ingredients.

So I was wondering as anybody used this product with any luck?

Second question, for all you chemistry buffs. How can I turn this into a toner without it crystallizing?

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Whenever you make a toner, make sure you've got a good balance of (natural a lot of the time), or soothing ingredients. You don't want harsh or irritating chemicals - that'll only make your face red for awhile making it look like it's working. In reality, you want to include medicine to get rid of the acne - but at the same time, you need soothing botanicals to help ease the amount of irritation that will ultimately happen. You need to have a forward effect for the acne, but a reverse effect for the rest of your skin. :)

I'm not exactly sure what you mean when you say crystallize though. Like it goops up or it physically turns into a rock-like substance?

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It physically turns into a bunch of little rocks, but it mostly gets goopy. yeah i did add some soothing botanicals. I made some green tea using the whole leaves and it gooped up in that, so then i thought maybe its the tea so I put it in some plain water and the same thing happened.

Any chemistry buffs? I don't want a 35 dollar bottle of Salicylic acid to go to waste!!

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