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So, I'm an 18 year-old male acne sufferer from the UK. Around this time last year, I discovered acne.org in a state of dispair. Since then, I have tried countless (and, let's face it, ridiculous) regimens - aspirin masks, honey masks, egg white and yolk masks, apple cider vinegar, olive oil as a cleanser; you name it, I've most probably tried it. Around 2 months ago, I suffered some kind of emotional breakdown. My acne, and my constant obsession over it, was destroying my life. I decided that, after around 1-2 years of depression and anxiety, I had to do something. So, I visited my doctor and, basically, let it all out. I was prescribed Oxytetracycline (an antibiotic) for the acne itself, and also anti-depressants to control my OCD etc. I honestly feel that, although you should 'never count your chickens before they've hatched', I am getting better. For me, acne wasn't just a skin disorder - it was an illness determined to ruin my life. After 2 months on my medication, I wouldn't say I'm fully cured (far from it), yet my obsession and distress over acne has certainly decreased. I feel generally more confident, positive and far less anxious. My question to you reading this is is your acne just a skin disorder, or is it an illness taking over your life?

As much as I appreciate acne.org, and the positive advice it gives to its many members just desperate for help, I made the decision as I began my medication not to visit the site again. There are so many contradictive stories, methods and regimens here, and thankfully I no longer feel the need to try each and every single one of them, each (in my opinion) more ridiculous than the last. I now follow a simplistic regime of Dove Beauty Cream Bar as a cleanser, followed by jojoba oil in the evening. My skin does, touch wood, appear to be slightly improving, but more importantly my state of mind is improving.

Good luck everybody. I hope that each and every distressed member on here, no matter whether they have one whitehead or 5,000 pitted scars with active acne, can be cured soon. Thank you for reading :boogie:

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So you came to truths with yourself?

That will make your life better than any antibiotic or anti-depressent.

Congrats and good luck!

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