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Aveeno Clear Complexion Toner

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Well i am useing the Aveeno clear Complexion line and it really helping me with my redmarks and pimples. Well i wanted to no if i could use the tonaer but the reason is because it has alcohal in it and since im on accutane things cant get to drying so i was wondering has anybody tried this toner???

if you have how was it and was it drying? :surprised:

Thanks for for reading :dance:

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I personally wouldn't use it if you're prone to dryness due to Accutane. In fact you pretty much answered your own question. Alcohol is very drying to skin, so a toner with alcohol probably isn't a good idea.

I used the Aveeno for a few weeks, but it didn't really do much to "clear my complexion." In fact, it didn't really do much at all except make my pores skrink a tad bit. I have a nickel allergy that sometimes gives me really dry patches near my chin, and the only thing that toner did was aggravate them.

If you're worried about dryness, I definitely wouldn't use the Aveeno Clear Complexion toner. I use the Nivea Visage Moisturizing toner now and I LOVE it. It's alcohol-free and really soothes the dryness from my nickel allergy. It might help you too! :)

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