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Bacne advice (gross pics included)

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Sigh...I have the exact same bacne as you it seems. I get it from time to time, mostly just a lot of scarring everywhere that won't go away. I hate bacne, I don't feel like laying back on a chair or sleeping cus it just feels like i'm rubbing or putting pressure on the acne. I haven't been to a pool, beach, waterpark etc for 4-5 years. I'm scared to date because what girl wants a boyfriend with bacne?. I'm about the same age as you and I'm wondering if you can update on how you're doing? I've been reading a couple post about bacne, just seems like you have to do so much to get rid of it. I use Dan's regimen for my face for my mild acne and it's really fast and simple, I wish it was the same for bacne. Feels like the scars have been there for years...

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I suggest trying to use a dandruff shampoo to wash your body with, sounds a tad silly maybe, but I heard some good reviews for it around this website and a few others so I decided I'd give it a shot.

It doesn't have to be H&S you can use the cheaper off brand stuff and it still seems to work, since I've been using it I've seen much less redness and things appear to be clearing up pretty nicely. It's always worth a shot to try I figure, and the kind I've bought smells much better than even the Neutrogena body washes, so it doesn't really bother me. =]

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Go buy some Head & Shoulders dandruff shampoo. Doesn't matter what kind as long as the active ingredient is zinc pyrithione. Water it down a bit so it isn't too strong, then put it on your back. Mine was as bad as yours; it's basically clear now.

Hmm, never heard of using Head & Shoulders before. There's another topic about dandruff shampoo that says H&S is giving people bacne when they were just trying to use it as regular shampoo. ???

Thanks for the advice though, I'll give it a try if I find some more support for the suggestion.

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I know also how back acne like that sucks big time. Mine was much worst than yours just 3 months ago but I am using accutane now since 82 days and after about 2 months on accutane all my severe back acne was gone. If you have not tried accutane you should try it because it should clear you and it's your best bet. I tried countless things before also and nothing worked. The best cure for back acne is accutane because in 8 years absolutely nothing else worked for me.

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whatever you do, you shouldn't avoid going to the beach. my back was MUCH worse than yours just a month ago - all that worked for me before getting on accutane was, you guessed it: the beach... scars healed faster and i generally had less pimples, plus you get a nice tan. ;)

also i found head and shoulders helped a bit too if i left on my back for about 15m after showering and then cleaned it off. be sure to moisturize tho.

now i'm on accutane for about a month and all the pimples / cysts are gone, just need to deal with the scars now, but your acne doesn't look that bad at all so i doubt you'll need it. best you can do is go to the derm really ( who'll probably recommend you BP ).

good luck. :)

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yo man i was in the same predicament as you and in the same areas, wide spread but not severe. give head and shoulders a try, my back feels smooth now but of course the scars are still there unfortunately. good luck!

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Hey, I completely understand how you feel. I too avoid pools, beach etc It sucks!! I'm a girl and I know this is sexist but you kinda expect body acne with boys but girls are meant to be the fairer sex I just feel so un feminine. My face could be better but most of the tme its ok - its my chest and back that is bad. I can't believe Im actually writing this I havent told anyone except my mum and my doc. I can't wear the tops I really want to and I get so jealous of girls who can wear whatever they want, summer time is the worst. Like you my mum and the doc say its not even that bad but compared to acne free people I think I'd get some looks. This is something that bothers me so much I dont let myself get into a relationship because I cant bear to look at myself let alone have someone else see me :( Is that a problem for you?

Exercise helps I think - you'd think it wouldnt cause your getting sweaty and stuff but for some reason it really helps, erm... sea salt helps I always put 3 hand fulls of sea salt in my bath. People have different views about the sun but I think going on a sun bed really helped my back. It's expensive though. Saying this Im still not free of it!! :( xxx

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I definitely don't think you should stop yourself from going out and having a good time! Go to the beach, go to the waterpark, whatever you want. This will resolve itself and you should live your life in the meantime. I know you think it's gross but YOU'RE NOT THE FIRST OR THE LAST person to have acne! Yes, we're all self-conscious but going to have fun might also take your mind off of this. Exercize isn't a bad idea either...

But... I definitely think you need to go see a dermatologist. A physician might give you things to try, but a dermatologist sees rashes and acne all day long - They know their stuff (good ones). It might also NOT be acne, but something different, like a fungal folliculitis that is treatable (and doesn't respond to antibiotics) with something else.

Meanwhile, I wouldn't use antibiotic soaps. Use something neutral for now like cetafil or even ivory bar soap. Wash your clothes in something mild like Ivory snow, just in case.

Change out of sweaty clothes asap - This will all prevent bacteria or fungus from lingering. Take luke-warm showers too, hot water aggravates and makes you sweaty (and stimulates sweat/oil glands)

Drink lots of water - It flushes toxins from your body and helps your skin renew itself.

and get outside, go have fun! You'll be fine!

ACTUALLY, it would be wise NOT to dismiss it as something that just goes away on its own. I'm 33 years old and i've had it since puberty and w no long term improvement.

Try Dawn dish detergent, seriously. That's what clears mine up. I haven't figured out how to get it to go away completely though.

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