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so i washed my face, and although i knew better than to rub my face with a towel, i couldnt help so i rubbed my whole face to get rid of the damn itching!! After i was done, my face was red and parts of my face were itchy and some pimples bled. I was wondering if this was gonna make my current acne and scars worse or it shouldnt make too much of a difference? also will it be ok to use benzamyacin on my face the same night? one good thing about rubbing my face is it seems it got rid of the excess dirt and dead skin.

any opinions would be greatly appreciated :)

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to me in some ways a little bit of rubbing can somewhat be an exfoliator, but as you said it hurts your acne. If you could just rub gently the skin that doesn't have acne it is good, but if you have a face like mine you can't rub your face w/out rubbing your acne so i would abstain from it altogether and make sure you wash you face well and pat it dry. I would use the cream tonight as well maybe add a little bit more oil free moistuizer. But that's just my opinion. I am a little hard on my face sometimes.

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thanks and yea im hard on my face too sometimes, just cant help it lol.

and i just used the benzamyacin on spots intead of the whole face just so the red marks and scars wont get aggravated even more. or should it not matter?

thanks again

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depends my face is really sensitive so if it is already aggravated then that'll make it even more aggravated and then it will peel like crazy. But at the same time when i don't put the stuff on those places that's where the acne is the worse-- so peeling and aggravation? or acne? take your pick of the poison lol (or for me peeling and aggravation and acne I get acne on my eczema yay!!)

Sorry lil frusterated shpeel i would do what u did only if you think your face can take it you know your face the best

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on the ones that are bleeding, i'd put on some neoporine or something, to help it heal.

From experience, I don't think its very good to put the topicals right one it, even after the bleeding has stop, not only does it hurt like hell, but I think it does more harm than good.

I'd leave it be for a while, and be extra gentle, like its a newborn baby or something... your skin needs time to heal, and getting it aggrevated is only going to prolong the process, and then you'll end up like me :- full of redness everywhere, ear to ear, minus the mouth and tear drop formations around my eyes.

instead of rubbing your face, why don't you try and gentle exfoliator... I like the one by dove because I don't get as red from it as the others. Plus, stay away from ones with SA and BP in its ingredients list.... they'll aggravate even more since they're going straight onto the new underlaying skin. And also, (speaking from experience) wait at least 30 to 60 minutes before putting on any topical products, let the skin settle down before subjecting it to the harsh stuff.


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