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Hey Gang! I have been searching the forums and can't seem to find many reviews on any good oil control lotions or gels.

I want some input PLEASE on what brands y'all use to keep the oil at bay. Something that I can wear under my make-up.

Is there a good product review on here that I am not finding? I found a mini one. It would be cool to have something like MUA.

I feel like my face looks like an oil spill after just a few hours from washing. I don't like blotting, either. I just feel hopeless right now. I know I am rambling... But my face just sux allll day long because it is NASTY looking and feeling.. I am bummed out.. :strongsad: Thanks in advance for anyone that puts in advice for an oil control lotion. It would be GREATTTTTLY appreciated!

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Neutrogena's 3-in-1 Acne Stress Control lotion works moderately well at oil/shine control. It leaves your face looking very natural (not red, dry, or oily) for the first few hours after application. Eventually, if your face is naturally oily, you will start to get a bit shiny, but not nearly as bad as other Salicylic Acid (or even BP) products. If you can use shine control blotter papers, that will really help. Personally, those make me break out horribly. But everyone's face is different, so maybe they will work well for you. Good luck, and let us know if you find a product that you really like!

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Hmm i know alot of people really like MAC matte (gel you apply under makeup) In my opinion oil control lotions (versus gels) don't work that well (for me atleast) But you can always check out MAC oil control lotion or Dermalogica's oil control lotion (they also have a new product out that mattifies but i don't recall the name at the moment) OR you could just try using a makeup primer maybe?

Good luck!

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