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I just want to know if this happens to other people. i get SCARS even if i dont pop or pick at my pimples, no matter what i still get scars. does this happen to anybody else? does anybody know how to prevent this from happening?

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i scarred after getting huge cysts from an intial breakout from the medicine i was taking. I didnt pick or anything, i just left them and i scarred horribly. I have a cyst type thing atm, which i know will scar.

I guess the only way to not scar is to not get acne, so find a regimen that helps you get clear or can ward of spots as soon as u get them. Avoid acne, avoid scarring. Imstill trying to find away to stop getting cysts, good luck with your skin.

x x

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If the scars happen to cysts/pimples that get disturbed in any way, in other words, they rupture for whatever reason: apply an antibiotic ointment to them (a small dab) and cover with a bandaid at night. The bandaid helps prevent picking inadvertently during the night. The antibiotic ointment (neosporin or polysporin) helps prevent scarring in new pimples.

Are you talking about indented scars or red marks? Red marks will happen regardless of what you do since they develop as a result of the infection itself.

If you have indented scars, the first suggestions will help a bit. Also treat your face very gently with a sensitive skin cleanser.

If you continue to scar, you might need to look into Accutane if you have not done so already.

You should also look into improving your diet or adding in some supplements that will aide healing. Vitamin C 500mg twice a day, Multivitamin once a day, Zinc of some kind once a day with food and Vitamin A 10,000iu once a day for three days only.

If you smoke, stop.

If you get a lot of sun exposure without SPF, use SPF.

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