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accutane in the uk (price?)

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Im going on roaccutane in a few days (im going private as it takes to long on nhs) im just wondering wheres the cheapest pharmacy in the uk to get it from e.g. boots, tesco etc. How much is it ruffly.

And what are some good moisturisers fr the face as i cant find loads mentioned on this site as they arent sold in the uk.

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i dont think accutanes £150 a month or 2 months ive heard its expensive but no where near that expensive i thought it was roughly about £20-30 for 2 months supply but im not 100% sure. What about good moisturisers?

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i work in a pharmacy (morrisons to be exact) and i was wondering that a few weeks back. i checkd it up on the system as a private prescription. i think i put like a months supply of 20mg and it came to roughly £100 for roaccutane (branded)

not sure though about other places

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The price difference between roaccutane and generic isn't that big when you're shelling out so much for it.

Go for the branded stuff.

(I also work in a pharmacy.)

As for moisturiser, go for


I've experimented with alot of moisturisers when I was on the regimen - this is definitely the best in controlling flakes.

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